MPT Offers Wider Selection of Ethnic Caller Ring Back Tones

07 Sep 2017

(Yangon, 7 September 2017) – MPT is introducing localized Caller Ring Back Tones as a way of celebrating the diverse range of people from all corners of Myanmar that make up their 25 million of subscribers. MPT is offering customers the opportunity to personalize their phone’s Ethnic ring back tone at an affordable rate when they subscribe to MPT’s ‘Caller Ring Back Tone’ (CRBT) service.

Normally the CRBT is the standard ringing sound callers hear while waiting for the receiver to pick up the call. MPT, the first and leading operator in Myanmar has been providing ethnic songs since CRBT service began and now has expanded the range of songs available to give customers hundreds more options to choose from, along with the thousands of international and local tunes already on offer. The CRBT service from MPT offers a more personalized multimedia experience for users.

Myanmar has 135 different ethnic groups, each with its own history, culture and language. The ethnic nationalities make up around one-third of the population, and the inclusion of their favorite songs on the MPT’s CRBT subscription service will literally be music to their ears.

With this newly introduced Value-Added Service, MPT enables customers from the seven largest ethnic nationalities living in Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Rakhine, and Shan a chance to entertain their callers by replacing the standard ring back tone with their choice of music or melody from a wide variety of local and traditional artists.

MPT has partnered with Crystal Shine, which will facilitate the local ethnic CRBT songs for MPT customers. MPT’s Ethnic CRBT covers a wide range of ethnic traditional songs including folk music to modern songs that are popular among the ethnic nationalities.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer, MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said: “There is an increasing demand for CRBT services from not only in the main cities of Myanmar, but also in the remaining parts of Myanmar.  By providing a larger range of ethnic songs at an attractive price, we believe it will meet the needs and demand of our customer and more customers will be using our CRBT service”.

MPT GSM and WCDMA customers who want to subscribe to the daily plan or monthly plan and start listening to their favorite ethnic songs for their calls, simply need to SMS <REG D> to 7979 for daily subscriptions available at 47 Ks/day and SMS <REG M> to 7979 for Monthly subscriptions available at just 1,050 Ks/month. For users who have already registered for the CRBT service, can purchase their desired ethnic ringtone by sending <BUY> followed by 10-digit codes to 7979. For example, customers who wish to buy a ringtone from the famous Kachin Singer, Maran Seng Naw’s MuSai song can send ‘BUY 1000005211’ to 7979.

Customers will be charged for the daily or monthly subscription amount, plus any downloaded songs at 315 Ks for 30 days. CRBT daily subscriptions expire by the end of the subscribed day at midnight.

For more information on the CRBT subscription process, MPT customers can simply dail (106) for customer care service where they will be assisted.