MPT Officially “Myanmar’s Fastest Mobile Network”

22 Mar 2017

(Yangon, 22 March, 2017) – MPT has been recognized as Myanmar’s Fastest Mobile Network. Ooklas analysis of its Speedtest Intelligence Data from July to December 2016 shows for average download speeds achieved on modern devices, MPT comes out top.

A global leader in assessing internet speeds, the independent technology organization uses advanced methodology to examine each provider’s download performance. Awards are determined by Speedtest results taken over a period of 6 months that are then aggregated using Ookla’s rigorous methodology in order to provide highly accurate and fair speed metrics.

According to the results from Ookla, MPT’s average download speed is 7.4Mbps – comfortably out pacing its competitors by this measurement.

MPT’s network not only has the widest reach in Myanmar, but can now claim to be the fastest network. It uses the available bandwidth optimally. This news will be welcome to MPT’s 24 million customers, who will be eager to take advantage of their smartphones potential for a wide range of services.

Mr Koichi Kawase, Chief Commercial Officer MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said “We are extremely proud to have been awarded Myanmar’s Fastest Mobile Network. The award recognizes the hard work we have put in to make MPT’s network the widest and best for our customers – being named the fastest is a huge endorsement of our services. 2017 will bring even more exciting advancements, with our large 4G network already in place to be deployed as soon as the Government releases the license to all operators.” 

“It is with great pleasure that we award MPT as Myanmar’s Fastest Mobile Network. This award is a testament to the fast speeds consumers experience in their daily lives using MPT,” said Jamie Steven, COO at Speedtest by Ookla. 

Consumer-initiated tests to determine the award were taken on a nationwide basis over an extended period of time and a mean was calculated, therefore individual results may vary.

Ookla publishes it’s methodology framework online and the award can be viewed at http://www.speedtest.net/awards/mm/carrier/2016.