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abc Convenience Store

MPT Club members can earn MPT points by using our points partner’s products or services, and redeem with MPT points for our points partner’s products or services.

abc Convenience Store is the first and largest Conveniences Store Chain in Myanmar. Serving daily wants and needs of Yangon life.

At abc CONVENIENCE STORE, every MPT Club Member can enjoy the following rewards at Yangon until 5:00PM every day.

All MPT Club Members can exchange rewards at abc CONVENIENCE STORE stores in Yangon.

Lactasoy Milk(A) = 500 points
Nestle KITKAT(A) = 500 points
MAMEE Cup Noodle(A) = 500 points
Sunkist Drink(B) = 1,300 points
Cheese Cracker(B) = 1,300 points
Hersheys Soy Milk(B) = 1,300 points
Pepero Ori Stick(B) = 1,300 points
Goody Veg Cooking Oil(C) = 2,500 points
Lotte Cream Cake(C) = 2,500 points
NIVEA facial cleanser(C) = 2,500 points
Imperial Jam(C) = 2,500 points

Point provision rate of “abc Convenience Store” to all MPT Club Members is (0.5%) on the purchase of 3,000 Kyats and above.
For example:  1,000 Kyats = 5 points