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For all MPT Club users, Cookie is offering 40% discount on Cookie Plan that can be purchased with as low as 4,900 Kyats. When you receive SMS including the information about Cookie Plan discount, you can start using Cookie Plan with 40% discount to enjoy International Live TV Channels and international movies with Free of Charge under Free Movie Zone category within a month by doing as per following instructions;

  • If you have not yet the Cookie App, you need to download first.

(2) Then, you have to register this Promo Code under “Menu” icon of Cookie App. For more detail “how to redeem promo code”, click here ( .

Terms and Conditions –

  • This Promotion is valid only for MPT Club users who receive SMS including Cookie Plan promotion information.
  • Each MPT Club user can receive 40% discount once they purchase Cookie Plan with 4,900 Kyats.
  • Promotion period is from April 9 to July 9, 2020.
  • Normal data charges are applicable for browsing or downloading the movies in the Cookie App.

Cookie is a mobile TV app where you can explore more than 50 Live TV channels, monthly subscription with free movie zone that gives you unlimited access to best film and watch movie on demand anytime anywhere. You can enjoy both International Live TV channels and local Live TV channels by subscribing Cookie’s Live TV plan. Cookie also offers a revolutionary Catch-up service and with this service, you can catch-up with shows that you’ve missed on Cookie.  Cookie will offer better services to our valued customers in the future.

For more information about Cookie,

please visit Cookie Official Website or

Cookie Official Facebook Page –