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 “MyHealthcare” is a platform for patients to ask health questions that are answered by doctors through Text Message, Voice call and Video call. Able to make an appointment to see the doctor online.

MyHealthcare will be able to provide recommendation for the right treatment and issue an electronic prescription if necessary.

MyHealthcare allows user to consult 24/7 via mobile app. When user suffer diseases like headache, Diarrhea at the midnight, user can receive appropriate care and right treatment for their illness anytime, anywhere.

MPT Club members are eligible to get 1-month free MyHealthcare premium service by purchasing 2 months premium service.

Buy 2 months (3,300 MMK per month * 2 months = 6,600 MMK) +1month free service

How to use


Step 1. Download the MyHealthcare – Telemedicine App

Step 2. Buy the Premium Package
– Buy 2 months – 6,600 MMK (Get total 3 Months Telemedicine Services)
– How to buy
Transfer 6,600 MMK to the following account –
• Wave Money – 09 78 8830 352
• KBZ Bank :
Account No – 35150335100170601
Account Name – MyHealthcare Company Limited
• KBZ Pay – 09 4211 41 487
– After make the payment, 1) please send the bank slip through MyHealthcare Facebook page messenger, 2) screenshot of MPT Club Member ID and 3) phone number that use to create MyHealthcare account.
– MyHealthcare will upgrade your account as premium account to consult with doctors once we have received the payment.

Step 3 . Application – User Guide
– Text Message Consultation – Click on the purple floating icon, type the questions and send.
– Voice and Video call Booking – Please see in the following link for more detail.,VideoCallBooking-UserGuide.pdf
For more detail about MyHealthcare –
MyHealthcare Facebook –