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Shwe Beauty Palace

MPT Club members can get discounts or promotions from our Lucky5 partners on the 5th, 15th, 25th days of every month or the specific days.

For the Ladies and women , head to toe hair treatment,skin , eyebrow, spa and nail..etc are available with MPT Club Special discount at Shwe Beauty Spa.

  • Promotion Period – 15th August 2022 to 15th August 2023
  • Promotion Days – 5th ,15th 25th (Every month of 5th relative day)
  • Promotion Mechanism

1) Hair Washing and treatment – 20 % discount

2) Foot and hand cleansing – 20% off discount

3) Spa – 10% discount

4) Nail – 10% discount

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No.33/B B/4 Parami Road , Malikha Street Mayangone Township Yangon.