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“MPT Special Day”!

Our monthly event – ‘MPT Special Day’ is now coming to you with amazing lucky prizes in September! Please don’t forget to enjoy today (19.09.2022) as it is only one-day monthly event. MPT is always trying to serve you the best offer of the month today together with other MPT related services. Based on your preferred service, you will check and get special lucky prizes or benefits within today. So, please make sure to participate in today’s event and win rewards together with your beloved ones. For today, let’s check and join all MPT promotions and offers here at one place. Get it now!

Since it is monthly event, MPT Special Day will come again to you with another special offer in next month.

MPT Pack Purchase and Top Up Offer

Are you a lucky chance winner of 555% Cashback in MPT Special Flash?

MPT Special Flash

MPT Special Flash is a ‘one day’ event for those who got Lucky Chance to enjoy “555% Cash Back” amazing big prize by buying 979Ks and above Data Carry Plus pack (or) Kyin Kyin Nar Nar pack at only MPT4U and USSD channels just for today (19.09.2022). (limited Lucky prizes) MPT Club Points are additional rewards to every lucky chance winners who participate in today event by buying specified pack. Eligible customers can earn 3 times of MPT Club Points (upto 150 Points) that they have received during “MPT Special Flash” teaser period. Moreover, once you have participated in this event and got 555% Cashback today, you will be automatically eligible receiving (1) ticket of “Yin Khone Kan San Su Tway LannCampaign.

To win lucky prize & Point bonus from MPT Special Flash, you must have followed these steps!

Please check below table to know how many MPT Club Points you could earn from MPT Special Flash – September .

 After subscribing via *7919#
(09 to 18 Sep)
After following SMS instruction on 19th Sep
(if you won lucky chance)
1st time subscription (Sep’22)
10 Points
30 Points40 Points
2nd time subscription (Aug & Sep’22)
20 Points
60 Points80 Points
3rd time subscription (Jul, Aug & Sep’22)
30 Points
90 Points120 Points
4th time subscription (Jun, Jul, Aug & Sep’22)
40 Points
120 Points160 Points
5th time and above subscription
**MPT Special Flash started in Nov’21.
50 Points
150 Points200 Points

Remark: For subscription before 19th Sep and participating to get lucky prize on 19th Sep, you will get MPT Club Point bonus which will be credited to your number within September, 2022.

“Yin Khone Kan San Su Tway Lan”

Biggest promotion called “Yin Khone Kan San Su Tway Lan” For MPT User is launched.Let’s top up with MPT4U and Scratch cards to participate the promotion to get the amazing best prizes of iPad Mini 6, iPhone 13 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and 1 Tical Gold Coin !! The ones who registered and get lucky chance in MPT Special Flash consist automatically in“Yin Khone Kan San Su Tway Lan” promotion if they purchased 979Ks and above Data Carry Plus pack (or) Kyin Kyin Nar Nar pack at only MPT4U and USSD channels just for today (19.09.2022).

MPT Other Services Offer

For all MPT Club members who are looking for a good deal,

Monthly Special Offer to Get HtawB 5x Bonus Balance with MPT Points

Monthly 5 times HtawB Promotion is brought back to you. Redeemed HtawB can be used for Internet usage, MPT to MPT Call , and SMS. MPT Club members can redeem HtawB bonus balance with MPT points through *345*3*1*4# or MPT4U App as following table.

Required PointsHtaw B (5 times) Bonus Balance
50 points200 kyats
99 points400 kyats
199 points800 kyats
299 points1300 kyats
399 points1750 kyats
799 points3600 kyats

The promotion period is from every month of 15th 2022 to 30th 2022.

For all MPT’s game lovers,

MPTx2C2P Mirror CashBack Promotion

The Mirror CashBack Promotion that MPT users and gamers should not miss has arrived. easyBills buys many other game items including MLBB and will get 100% back, so let’s buy now. Let’s buy on easyBills now.

For all MPT’s E-money users,

3% Top Up Bonus

To keep in touch with your beloved person, MPT Pay offer 3% E-money bonus on top-up MPT phone bill. There is no limit to the amount you have to top-up , so the more you top-up, the more E-money bonus you will get. Let’s grab 3% E-money bonus on top-up MPT phone bill via MPT Pay!

For MPT users who are interested in buying new smartphone,

Special Promotion Alert!!!

‘Don’t miss the chance to get 30GB (New MPT user) or 15GB (Existing MPT user) and 600 minutes free call bonus for 6 months period by using togther new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 (or) Flip4 smart phone with MPT SIM card.

Get your new device and Enjoy free Gifts now.

The promotion period is from 15th Aug 2022 to 15th Aug 2023.