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MPT Teams up with CB Bank for SIM Registration

What is this collaboration about?

MPT and CB Bank have announced that customers will be able to register their SIM cards at a number of bank branches across Myanmar starting from 16 November, 2016.

How many branches of CB Bank can customers register at?

At the launch of this initiative there are 24 CB Bank branches at which MPT customers can visit to access the service. (Locations are available at the end of this document.)

Will the initiative be expanded?

This is likely to expand in the future, with more CB Bank locations joining. We will announce it when it is ready. MPT is also open to collaborations with other retail partners in order to make it more convenient for customers to register their SIM.

Is MPT paying CB Bank for this facility?

We would like to refrain from making comment

Are there any other services that MPT customer can also do over the counter at CB? For example top-up purchases, SIM card purchases?

Only SIM registration is available.

Is this the first such collaboration for SIM registration (telco-bank)? Any other competitor doing this?

We believe we are the first to start this kind of collaboration.

How many customers does MPT have? How many of them are active?

Currently we have more than 20 million active subscribers using our network.

How many are Swe Thahar users?

We have over 17 million Swe Thahar Subscribers.

Why must we register our numbers and SIM cards?

The Ministry of Transport and Communication, Department of Post and Telecommunication (PTD), announced on August 1 that every SIM card should be registered before March 31, 2017. The registered SIMs can be used as an identity in mobile money and mobile banking systems, in online shopping businesses and to apply when the SIMs are lost and damaged.

I have already a bank account, can I get the MPT BonusTop Up bonus?

Very sorry but new bank account which is opened at the same time of SIM registration is only applicable to the bonus top up.

How much is the MPT top up bonus amount?

Please ask at the CB Bank counter.

How many locations can customers register at and where?

In addition to the 24 CB Bank Branches, there are altogether nearly 300 (locations throughout Myanmar. Please refer to our website for details.

Can customers register their SIMs through other channels, such as web site or mobile applications?

MPT customers are now able to register their SIM cards online on the MPT webpage using their computers or mobile devices. The service has been made available for their added convenience on top of the nationwide network of MPT branded stores where registration services are available.

Do CDMA 450 & 800 customers have to register their SIM? How Many CDMA customers does MPT have?

We have quite small number of CDMA users and they are also required to register.

How many SIM cards have been registered out of your 20 million users?

We are encouraging people to register by the end of March 2017 and we will make sure that all of the customers will be registered as per the instruction from Posts and Telecommunications Department.

Locations of the CB Banks where customers can register their SIM cards