MPT Telecenters Reached To 150 Locations Nationwide Serving More to Communities By Uplifting Digital Literacy

06 Feb 2019

(Yangon, 6 February 2019) – MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator recently completed its 150 Technology Information Centers by January this year, as it continues to fulfill its commitment to fill the digital skills gap and bring the benefits of modern-day information and communication technologies closer to more people, including those at the farthest areas of the country.

The first batch of MPT’s Technology Information Centers rolled out in March 2018 with 40  MPT telecenters in various locations offering Laptops and tablets for free use while providing unlimited free Wi-Fi for use with mobile devices by the users. It likewise assigned with trained personnel to assist visitors and demonstrate safe internet browsing techniques to them. By January 2019, MPT has completed 110 more MPT telecenters spreading even more locations all over the country, bringing the total number to 150 before its planned time which is by March of 2019.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “With the completion of our 150 MPT Technology Information Centers, we have established a trend in Myanmar Telecom Industry using necessity infrastructure and educate the people how to maximize the benefits of this technology,”.

MPT telecenters serve not only as business operation touch points of MPT but as a total information hub.  Visitors can learn about MPT’s products and services as well as avail themselves of free VAS services on whole range of subjects like health care (7887), English speaking and listening (upstreaming), 800 games (Timwe), more than 10,000 comics and  novels (Wunn Zin), celebrity programs (Content Hubs) and Myanmar movies (Mahar) for entertainment supplied by the well-known content providers.

“Early on, we determined that the best approach is to champion the literacy of the masses to fill the digital literacy gap. This shows our commitment to move Myanmar forward to the 21st century. But this is just the beginning, as we will increase this number to 300 by March 2020 and to look for opportunities that will bring the benefits of modern tech to more people and more communities,” Mr. Reizo Umeda continued.

MPT has been focusing on three main pillars namely Education, Health and Business Incubation while supporting to the younger generations as we believe those are our future forces to move Myanmar forward and digital literacy to younger generation is vital to achieve the goal and to abreast with the modern world. These MPT telecenters will be filling that gap with providing of information and technologies to those generation and to the community as a whole.

Customers can find MPT telecenters by below location and enjoy the free internet access with Laptops and tablets to explore more about digital world;

MPT telecenters “150” Locations

No. State/Region Township   No. State/Region Township
1 Ayeyarwaddy Myaungmya 21 Bago (East) Deik -Oo
2 Ayeyarwaddy MyanAung 22 Bago (West) Tharawaddy
3 Ayeyarwaddy Maubin 23 Chin Hakha
4 Ayeyarwaddy Pathein (1) 24 Kachin Tanine
5 Ayeyarwaddy Hinthada 25 Kachin Pharkant
6 Ayeyarwaddy Bokalay 26 Kachin Bamaw
7 Ayeyarwaddy Zalun 27 Kachin Myitkyina
8 Ayeyarwaddy Pyarpon 28 Kachin Mogaung
9 Ayeyarwaddy Nyaung Tone 29 Kachin Mohnyin
10 Ayeyarwaddy Kyonepyaw 30 Kachin Myitkyina
11 Ayeyarwaddy Kyaiklat 31 Kayah Loikaw (1)
12 Ayeyarwaddy Wakema 32 Kayah Loikaw (2)
13 Ayeyarwaddy Einme 33 Kayin Hpa-an
14 Bago Bago 34 Kayin Kawkareik
15 Bago Pyay 35 Kayin Myawaddy
16 Bago Min Hla 36 Kayin Kyarinnseikgyi
17 Bago Latpandan 37 Kayah Loikaw (3)
18 Bago Paukhong 38 Magway Chauk
19 Bago Taungoo 39 Magway Pakokku (1)
20 Bago (East) Phyuu 40 Magway Myaing
No. Region Township   No. Region Township
41 Magway Pauk 61 Mandalay Chanmyathazi
42 Magway Minhla (Upper) 62 Mandalay Kyaukpadaung (2)
43 Magway Pakokku (2) 63 Mandalay Mandalay (2)
44 Magway Pakokku (3) 64 Mandalay Nyaung Oo
45 Magway Yesagyo 65 Mandalay Meikhtila
46 Magway Magway 66 Mandalay Myingyan
47 Magway Taungtwingyi 67 Mon Kyaikhto
48 Magway Minbu 68 Mon Mudon
49 Magway Gangaw 69 Mon Thanphyuzayet
50 Magway Aunglan 70 Mon Thein Saite
51 Mandalay Pyin Oo Lwin 71 Mon Mawlamyine (1)
52 Mandalay Moegoke 72 Mon ThanphyuZayet
53 Mandalay Kyaukpadaung


73 Mon Mawlamyine (2)
54 Mandalay Kyaukse 74 Mon Kyite Hto
55 Mandalay Pyawbwal 75 Mon Mawlamyaing (3)
56 Mandalay Mandalay (1) 76 Mon Mawlamyaing (4)
57 Mandalay Taungtha 77 Sagaing Monywa (1)
58 Mandalay Maharaungmyay 78 Nay Pyi Taw Ottaythiri
59 Mandalay ChanAyeTarZan 79 Nay Pyi Taw Tat-Kone
60 Mandalay Singu 80 Nay Pyi Taw Pyinmana (1)
No. Region Township   No. Region Township
81 Nay Pyi Taw Zabuthiri 101 Shan Sout) Hisheng
82 Nay Pyi Taw Pyinmana (2) 102 Shan South Lawksawk
83 Ayeyarwaddy Pathein (2) 103 Shan South Kalaw @ Aungban
84 Rakhine Maungdaw 104 Shan South Taunggyi
85 Rakhine Kyaukphyu 105 Shan South Loilen
86 Rakhine Kyaukphyu 106 Shan South Taunggyi
87 Rakhine Taunggop 107 Shan South Nyaung Shwe
88 Rakhine Sittwe 108 Shan South Ayetharyar
89 Rakhine Thandwe 109 Shan South Nant San
90 Sagaing Hteechink 110 Shan East Mone Hsat
91 Sagaing Yae Oo 111 Shan East Tachileik (1)
92 Sagaing Shwebo 112 Shan East Tachileik (2)
93 Sagaing Kathar 113 Shan East Kyeng Tong
94 Sagaing Sagaing 114 Shan East Monghpyak
95 Sagaing Monywa (2) 115 Thanintary Dawei
96 Sagaing Kalay 116 Thanintary Myeik
97 Shan North Muse (1) 117 Thanintary Palaw
98 Shan North Muse (2) 118 Thanintharyi Kawthaung
99 Shan North Muse (3) 119 Thanintharyi Thetyetchaung
100 Shan North Lashio 120 Yangon Thingangyun
No. Region Township   No. Region Township
121 Yangon Bahan 141 Yangon Kamaryut (2)
122 Yangon Ahlone 142 Yangon Pazundaung
123 Yangon Insein 143 Yangon Mingalardon
124 Yangon Mayangone 144 Yangon Northoakakla
125 Yangon Tarmwe 145 Yangon North Dagon
126 Yangon Hlaing (1) 146 Yangon South Okkalapa
127 Yangon Kyauktada (1) 147 Yangon Kyauktada (3)
128 Yangon Kyauktada (2) 148 Yangon Hlegu
129 Yangon Insein 149 Yangon 40st
130 Yangon Hlaingtaryar 150 Yangon Sule
131 Yangon Hmawbi
132 Yangon Kamaryut (1)
133 Yangon South Okkalapa
134 Yangon Hlaing (2)
135 Yangon Pabedan (1)
136 Yangon Yankin
137 Yangon Thanlyin
138 Yangon Pabedan (2)
139 Yangon Hlaing (3)
140 Yangon Kyeemyindine

For more information, about MPT telecenters details address please visit this link (https://bit.ly/2GbhmaT), others MPT services please call 106 or visit www.mpt.com.mm or MPT official Facebook page www.facebook.com/mptofficialpage.