MPT Telecenters Reached To 150 Locations Nationwide Serving More to Communities By Uplifting Digital Literacy

06 Feb 2019

(Yangon, 6 February 2019) – MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator recently completed its 150 Technology Information Centers by January this year, as it continues to fulfill its commitment to fill the digital skills gap and bring the benefits of modern-day information and communication technologies closer to more people, including those at the farthest areas of the country.

The first batch of MPT’s Technology Information Centers rolled out in March 2018 with 40  MPT telecenters in various locations offering Laptops and tablets for free use while providing unlimited free Wi-Fi for use with mobile devices by the users. It likewise assigned with trained personnel to assist visitors and demonstrate safe internet browsing techniques to them. By January 2019, MPT has completed 110 more MPT telecenters spreading even more locations all over the country, bringing the total number to 150 before its planned time which is by March of 2019.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “With the completion of our 150 MPT Technology Information Centers, we have established a trend in Myanmar Telecom Industry using necessity infrastructure and educate the people how to maximize the benefits of this technology,”.

MPT telecenters serve not only as business operation touch points of MPT but as a total information hub.  Visitors can learn about MPT’s products and services as well as avail themselves of free VAS services on whole range of subjects like health care (7887), English speaking and listening (upstreaming), 800 games (Timwe), more than 10,000 comics and  novels (Wunn Zin), celebrity programs (Content Hubs) and Myanmar movies (Mahar) for entertainment supplied by the well-known content providers.

“Early on, we determined that the best approach is to champion the literacy of the masses to fill the digital literacy gap. This shows our commitment to move Myanmar forward to the 21st century. But this is just the beginning, as we will increase this number to 300 by March 2020 and to look for opportunities that will bring the benefits of modern tech to more people and more communities,” Mr. Reizo Umeda continued.

MPT has been focusing on three main pillars namely Education, Health and Business Incubation while supporting to the younger generations as we believe those are our future forces to move Myanmar forward and digital literacy to younger generation is vital to achieve the goal and to abreast with the modern world. These MPT telecenters will be filling that gap with providing of information and technologies to those generation and to the community as a whole.

Customers can find MPT telecenters by below location and enjoy the free internet access with Laptops and tablets to explore more about digital world;

MPT telecenters “150” Locations

No.State/RegionTownship No.State/RegionTownship
1AyeyarwaddyMyaungmya21Bago (East)Deik -Oo
2AyeyarwaddyMyanAung22Bago (West)Tharawaddy
4AyeyarwaddyPathein (1)24KachinTanine
9AyeyarwaddyNyaung Tone29KachinMohnyin
11AyeyarwaddyKyaiklat31KayahLoikaw (1)
12AyeyarwaddyWakema32KayahLoikaw (2)
16BagoMin Hla36KayinKyarinnseikgyi
17BagoLatpandan37KayahLoikaw (3)
19BagoTaungoo39MagwayPakokku (1)
20Bago (East)Phyuu40MagwayMyaing
No.RegionTownship No.RegionTownship
42MagwayMinhla (Upper)62MandalayKyaukpadaung (2)
43MagwayPakokku (2)63MandalayMandalay (2)
44MagwayPakokku (3)64MandalayNyaung Oo
50MagwayAunglan70MonThein Saite
51MandalayPyin Oo Lwin71MonMawlamyine (1)


73MonMawlamyine (2)
54MandalayKyaukse74MonKyite Hto
55MandalayPyawbwal75MonMawlamyaing (3)
56MandalayMandalay (1)76MonMawlamyaing (4)
57MandalayTaungtha77SagaingMonywa (1)
58MandalayMaharaungmyay78Nay Pyi TawOttaythiri
59MandalayChanAyeTarZan79Nay Pyi TawTat-Kone
60MandalaySingu80Nay Pyi TawPyinmana (1)
No.RegionTownship No.RegionTownship
81Nay Pyi TawZabuthiri101Shan Sout)Hisheng
82Nay Pyi TawPyinmana (2)102Shan SouthLawksawk
83AyeyarwaddyPathein (2)103Shan SouthKalaw @ Aungban
84RakhineMaungdaw104Shan SouthTaunggyi
85RakhineKyaukphyu105Shan SouthLoilen
86RakhineKyaukphyu106Shan SouthTaunggyi
87RakhineTaunggop107Shan SouthNyaung Shwe
88RakhineSittwe108Shan SouthAyetharyar
89RakhineThandwe109Shan SouthNant San
90SagaingHteechink110Shan EastMone Hsat
91SagaingYae Oo111Shan EastTachileik (1)
92SagaingShwebo112Shan EastTachileik (2)
93SagaingKathar113Shan EastKyeng Tong
94SagaingSagaing114Shan EastMonghpyak
95SagaingMonywa (2)115ThanintaryDawei
97Shan NorthMuse (1)117ThanintaryPalaw
98Shan NorthMuse (2)118ThanintharyiKawthaung
99Shan NorthMuse (3)119ThanintharyiThetyetchaung
100Shan NorthLashio120YangonThingangyun
No.RegionTownship No.RegionTownship
121YangonBahan141YangonKamaryut (2)
125YangonTarmwe145YangonNorth Dagon
126YangonHlaing (1)146YangonSouth Okkalapa
127YangonKyauktada (1)147YangonKyauktada (3)
128YangonKyauktada (2)148YangonHlegu
132YangonKamaryut (1)
133YangonSouth Okkalapa
134YangonHlaing (2)
135YangonPabedan (1)
138YangonPabedan (2)
139YangonHlaing (3)

For more information, about MPT telecenters details address please visit this link (https://bit.ly/2GbhmaT), others MPT services please call 106 or visit www.mpt.com.mm or MPT official Facebook page www.facebook.com/mptofficialpage.