05 Jan 2016

[:en](Yangon, December 31st, 2016) – MPT, the first and leading telecoms operator in Myanmar, is hosting the Final New Year Lucky Draw, with 20,000 prizes available to win, live at Junction Square, Yangon on January 9th. The event starts at 11:00am, and ends at 6:00pm. The event is going to be a celebration for the Myanmar people, with well-known singers and games, as well as the opportunity to win amazing prizes.

On the day, audience members will be invited on stage to participate in the drawing process, and will have the chance to pick out the lucky winning numbers. The exciting prizes that the MPT users can win include 1 brand new Toyota Land Cruiser car, 10 iPhone 6s’, 10 iPad air 2’s, 10 Sony 40” TV’s, 11 gold necklaces (1 tickl), and 19,959 of MPT’s 5,000 Ks top-up cards. There will be a live broadcast 3.45-4.45 pm on MRTV-4, which will include the draw for the winner of the Land Cruiser.

The New Year Lucky Draw Campaign launched on November 26th 2015, with MPT giving away 10,000 prizes every Saturday to MPT users, and this is being doubled to 20,000 for the final draw – 70,000 prizes will have been given away to the Myanmar people in total by the end of the final draw.

Mr.Koichi Kawase, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operation, said, “ We are really excited about hosting the final draw event live in Junction Square and seeing the smiles these prizes will put on people’s faces. MPT has been with the Myanmar people for so long, and our customers are so loyal, we are pleased to have this opportunity to give something back to them and bring luck to all in the New Year.”

Every Lucky Ticket MPT users have collected throughout the campaign, and up until January 7th, will count for this final draw on January 9th, so there is an even greater chance to win. And, there is still time to enter the draw if you haven’t already.

Lucky Tickets can be collected in three ways:

  • Any MPT SIM card (GSM/WCDMA or CDMA) user can participate just by topping up! The more they top up the more likely they are to win (topping up 3,000ks and above will qualify you to enter, with 1 Lucky Ticket rewarded for every 100 Ks spend e.g. 30 Lucky Tickets for 3,000 Ks recharge)
  • The longer an MPT user calls other MPT users, the more tickets they collect and the greater chance they have of winning (call for over a minute and receive 1 Lucky Ticket for each minute of your phone call)
  • And thirdly, buying and activating a new MPT SIM card (GSM/WCDMA or CDMA) enters you into the draw (30 Lucky Tickets will be gained after activating a new MPT SIM)

MPT GSM/WCDMA users can check the total Lucky Tickets they have accumulated throughout the campaign by sending “lucky” by SMS to 3000. MPT CDMA users can check the Lucky Points they have accumulated by sending “lucky” to 3001.

At the final draw, the Master of Ceremony (MC) will call the winner as soon as their number is selected. If the MC is unable to reach the user, they will call one more time. If still unsuccessful, the prize will immediately be lost and we will draw for again. All prizes will be given away on the Final Draw day. The re-run transmission of the final draw will be on MRTV-4 at 9pm. Winners of top-up prizes will be informed by Sunday.

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