29 Feb 2016


(Yangon, February 29, 2016) MPT has announced the launch of its IP-VPN (Virtual Private Network) service for its corporate clients. MPT’s IP-VPN is provided using its high-quality nationwide IP network, also used for its 3G network, the largest in Myanmar. The first client to use it is CB Bank, the prominent Myanmar financial service provider.

On one hand, compared with conventional internet connected VPN, MPT IP-VPN’s security and quality are significantly better, thanks to a dedicated closed network. On the other hand, corporate networks usually use private lines, or leased lines, but MPT’s IP-VPN is more flexible, easier to expand and less expensive to operate. Taking these advantages in consideration, IP-VPN networks are now the standard for corporate accesses all over the world.

The main features of the MPT IP-VPN are as follows:

  • High security due to a closed network
  • High availability thanks to guaranteed bandwidth and QoS (Quality of Service), with associated SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • 24H / 365D supervision and monitoring
  • Lower costs compared to leased line network
  • Flexible and easy network expansion
  • Wide coverage (nationwide service deployment)

IP-VPN is enriching a significant B2B services portfolio. Mobile solutions (for voice, data and SMS) and fixed services (data accesses, landlines) provided by MPT are already used by numerous companies in their day-to-day businesses. MPT will continue its development and helps companies to communicate freely, grow their activities and take part in the global economy.

Mr. Koichi Kawase, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-Joint Operations commented, “With the rapid economic development in Myanmar, demand for sophisticated corporate communication networks has been increasing continuously. By launching the IP-VPN Service, the best way to deliver an inexpensive and secure corporate network service nationwide, we would be glad to contribute to the further development of Myanmar, by providing the best services to national and international companies based in Myanmar. ”

Mr.Kyaw Aung Soe of Head of infrastructure and network of CB Bank, the first customer of MPT IP-VPN, added, “We have chosen MPT IP-VPN service, because it offers us the high level of security, and the high level. The ease of deployment for further extensions in the future is also really attractive. I’m sure that it will contribute to our business growth”

MPT is currently expanding its IP-VPN service area from the 3 cities of Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw to other locations and will communicate in a close future about new openings. To meet customers’ demands, MPT is also working on additional products, especially a remote access through mobile and an international extension.[:]