MPT Top-Up Refund for Select Value Added Services Customers

29 Aug 2016

(Yangon, 29 August 2016) – It has come to our attention that some MPT customers have been wrongfully subscribed for certain value added services (VAS) and have been charged fees for such VAS that they did not authorize. In response to this, MPT will issue a top-up refund to affected customers in an amount corresponding to charges against each affected customer’s account balance during the relevant time period.

The top-up refund will commence tonight and will take approximately 5 to 6 days to complete.

VAS are provided by third party service providers to MPT customers. We are conducting an internal investigation at the moment to fully understand the cause of the matter in order to prevent such inconvenience from happening again to our customers.

Once aware of the situation, and in order to protect MPT customers, on 10 August 2016, MPT stopped all charging of VAS fees to MPT customers and discontinued new VAS subscriptions for all MPT VAS third party service providers pending an investigation by MPT. Since then, selected VAS confirmed to be unrelated to this incident have been reinstated.

MPT customers can check their eligibility for the top-up refund and amount of the top-up refund via MPT’s LoTaYa webpage, as follows:

  1. Please visit the LoTaYa webpage at http://lotayamm.com. Please note that customers must access this page using MPT’s 3G network in order for our system to process the confirmation and function properly. No data charges will be incurred by our customers for confirming their top-up refunds.
  2. At the top of the page right below the search box, please click on the link “Regarding top-up refund for select infotainment services”.
  3. An explanation page will be shown. Click on the “Proceed” link. Customers who click on the link provided in the MPT blast SMS pertaining to this matter will be directed to and start from this step 3.
  4. Customers entitled to receive a top-up refund will be asked to input their phone number. (Customers who are not entitled to receive a top-up refund will be informed accordingly and will not be able to proceed further.)
  5. Please input your phone number and click “Proceed”.
  6. If a valid phone number is entered, a top-up refund information page will be shown.

Please note that customers can confirm eligibility and amount to be refunded at Lo Ta Ya but will not be able to check the timing of the top-up refund. MPT will send an SMS to each affected customer immediately upon issuance of the top-up refund. Eligibility and top-up refund confirmation through the LoTaYa webpage is accessible for MPT GSM and WCDMA users. MPT CDMA users are requested to contact our call center at 106 to confirm their eligibility and top-up refund confirmation.

Mr. Koichi Kawase, Chief Commercial Officer for MPT-KSGM  joint operations, released the following statement: “Our customers’ satisfaction with MPT services is and always will be our number one priority. MPT takes very seriously the trust and loyalty of its customers and appreciates their continued support during this time. We are working around the clock to ensure affected customers are appropriately compensated and done so in a timely manner. We at MPT sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this incident to our affected customers, and rest assured that we are taking immediate steps to prevent this from happening again in the future.”