MPT Upgrades Auto Telephone Exchnges And Expanding Telephone Lines

29 Sep 2017

(Yangon, 29 September 2017) – The country’s leading telecommunication services provider MPT is upgrading existing TDM (Time Diision Multiplex) exchanges to next generation MSAN exchanges to provide better quality and innovative services to its customers.

Since 2015, the operator has been targeting to eventually have up and running, 1,500 MSAN nationwide with more than 400 exchanges to be upgraded. With this target the operator plans to complete the migration of more than 1000 MSAN at the 180 exchanges nationwide by the end of March, 2018. The rollout of the advanced exchange swap machines will automatically replace the previous (5) and (6) digit numbers to the new uniform (7) digit numbers.

Mr. Masahiro Tada, Chief Technical Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “We are enabling our users to experience better services with the modernized MSAN Exchanges and by incorporating the latest network technology, the connectivity will be significantly boosted. It is a huge improvement from the old copper distribution frame, under which signal corrosion may be a factor, resulting in a network outages. Via the enhanced connectivity enabled by the fiber installed as part of the upgrades, we can offer higher quality and faster services for our valued customers.”

During the transitional period, MPT will provide a Call Forwarding Service free of charge for incoming calls and for making calls to existing numbers or new numbers, for customers affected by the upgrades for their convenience.

For further information or enquiries on the auto telephone lines, customers can contact MPT Call Center (106) or by calling directly to 01-2399106. In addition, customers may also reach out to the respective exchange offices by dialing (102).

With the slogan “Moving Myanmar Forward”, the ongoing network enhancements are a key part of MPT’s efforts to always improve their offerings for their customers and the development of Myanmar  Telecommunications Sector, which include enriching mobile, internet, value-added services as well as attractive promotions and B2B services.