MPT Users Don’t Need To Lose Their Unused Data With Newest Data Pack

18 Sep 2017

(Yangon, 18 September 2017) – Before September 18th, MPT users that reached the end of their data pack period before using all the available quota would have lost it. To address this and give users more time to enjoy their data on the fastest network in the country, MPT has introduced a monthly pack that lets users easily carry forward any remaining data.

Now, customers need not worry about wasting any data they have already paid for at the end of the month, which allowing them to stay connected on their favorite social media, chat with friends and family, game or watch more online videos.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer for MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said: “Since introducing the fastest LTE+ in Myanmar, MPT has seen user demand for data skyrocket all over the country. This pack is meant to enhance the options available for our data-hungry customers while providing them more time on our constantly improving network. We are committed to ensuring customers remain on our network and continue to have the best data experience.”

MPT customers need simply to purchase the new MPT Data Carry Pack up to 7 days after their existing data pack validity expires. Then, any unused data balance will be available on top of the new total data quota for 30 days from the date of purchase. Customers can subscribe to the Data Carry Packs from prices as low as Ks. 699.

This ‘Carry Over’ function is provided by MPT for its GSM/ WCDMA users with Shwe Thahar and Shal Pyaw plans without extra charges incurred for carrying remaining data forward, customers will only pay for the price of data pack they wish to use.

Customers can subscribe to the Data Carry Pack by dialing *777#. All eligibility criteria remain the same as that of existing data packs, i.e. all MPT prepaid and post-paid GSM/WCDMA customers, including LTE+ users. MPT users may check their remaining data by sending BAL to 1331 or dialing *224#




Standard Data

ValidityData Saving PeriodPrice (Ks)

Inclusive 5%tax

Data Carry 350MB350 MB30 daysWithin

7 days from the expiry






Data Carry 650MB650 MB30 days999*777*2#
Data Carry 2GB2,048 MB30 days2,999*777*3#
Data Carry 3.5GB3,584 MB30 days4,999*777*4#
Data Carry 7GB7,168 MB30 days9,999*777*5#
Data Carry 15GB15,360 MB30 days19,999*777*6#

To find out more about MPT’s Data Carry Packs or other plans and promotions, please visit www.mpt.com.mm or www.facebook.com/mptofficialpage for further details.