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MPT USSD Menu service

What is MY MPT USSD Menu service?

“MY MPT USSD Menu” is a collection of the menu created for all MPT users. Using the menu can help you to reach different kind of services at one place. Dialing *106# could help you to get the following options (1) My Account, (2) Internet Packages, (3) Value Added Services etc. Under My Account Menu you are able to check your account information in detail and can easily access the Balance Transfer, Call Me Back and Loan Balance services and Top Up Options. From Internet Packages menu you can choose different types of Internet packages offered from MPT. And Value Added Service tab can help you to get the instructions of using MPT Value Added Services. You can easily reach back the previous menu by pressing BACK.

How can I use “MY MPT USSD Menu” from?

You can easily start using MY MPT USSD Menu by dialing *106# and can easily access the services.

What are the services available on My MPT USSD Menu?

Account Information
• Main Balance and Expiry
• Voice , SMS , Data bundle balance and expiry
• Check My Number
• Swe Thahar Plan
Balance Information
• Top Up own number
• Top Up another number
• Balance Transfer
• Yu Htar (Loan Balance)
Purchase Packages
• Purchase Data Packages (Depends on the available products)
• Contact Help to MPT

Is my device compatible with MY MPT USSD Menu?

There is no handset limitation to use MY MPT USSD Menu. Every MPT user can use this service from every handset.

Is MY MPT USSD Menu available in Myanmar language?

Yes MPT USSD Menu is available both in English and Myanmar. Language can be switch easily by entering into the language menu.

Do I need to pay any changes to use MY MPT USSD Menu Service?

There are no charges to use MY MPT USSD Menu. Every MPT user can use this service for free of charge.