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MPT Voice Pack

1. What are the voice packages of MPT?

MPT offer three voice packages so that customers can choose freely whatever they want. Customers can call to MPT numbers with affordable rate by using MPT Voice Packages.

10 Mins voice pack will expire at 23:59:59 of the subscription date. You can purchase 10mins voice pack many times within one day.

30 Min and 50 Mins voice packs will expire at 23:59:59 on third day of subscription.

2. How will it be charged when I make off-net (MPT to other operator) call while I am activating 10 Mins Voice Package?

For off net calls, it will be charged as per original price plan.

3. I dial valid USSD Code. But I cannot purchase MPT Voice Package. Why?

  • If you have not enough balance, you cannot purchase MPT Voice Packages.
  • If your account is inactive (one-way blocked or two-way blocked), you cannot purchase MPT Voice Packages.