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1. What is MPT4U?

MPT4U is a place which user can top-up bill, buy the packages, check the daily usage and other services. And, it can use the MPT4U app with Myanmar Version.

2. How to download MPT4U?

Please check every step of MPT4U App download and install from below link.

Android Customers can dial *4040# or through Lotaya website to Download/Upgrade for FREE. For IOS users, they can only update/download from App Store. It is not free to download application for iOS, there will be some data charges to download the App from App Store.

3. How can I upgrade MPT4U App?

Android Customers can dial *4040# or through Lotaya website to Download/Upgrade for FREE. For IOS users, they can only update/download from App Store.

4. How to use MPT4U App?

Please follow below steps to use MPT4U App.

  1. Access mobile data
  2. Tap the MPT4U app in the phone
  3. Will reach to the main screen of App

User can use whatever his/her required services.

5. What are the services of MPT4U App?

User can use below features from MPT4U.

-Balance check

-Top up bill

-Daily phone bill and VAS usage check

-Buy the packages

-Loan balance

-Balance transfer

-Remaining packages balance check

-My Subscription

-Call service

-Check FAQ

-Get MPT Ring Tune

-Check the MPT Club points

-Access to Lotaya Portal

-Can change the plan (Shalpyaw, Shwezagar)

– MPT4U game Services  etc…

6. Can MPT4U App use with other networks?

MPT4U can use not only with MPT but also with another network and Wi-Fi. It will be the FOC if login with MPT network.

7. What is new version of MPT4U and What is the minimum Android and iOS version required to use new version MPT4U?

New version of MPT4U is IOS : 1.4.0 Android : 4.3.0. If Android is less than “5” and iOS is less than “9”, users could not use for new version of MPT4U .

8. Can I download and install to use New version MPT4U if my phone is low version?

User can install the App but cannot use some functions & App which will log out automatically.

9. How can I check my Application version?

You can check from the Setting page on Side bar menu.

10. How can I change language?

Under the Setting icon on Side Bar menu, you can change language

11. Can I continue to use old MPT4U?

Old user can continue. But they need to update new version as old system will be run just 3 months.

12. Can I play Hti Pauk in old MPT4U?

Customer can play Hti Pauk in the MPT4U Old version within the limited timeframe. For getting better experiences we prefer to play Hti Pauk in MPT4U New version.

13. Can I get free chances in MPT4U old version which specially offered for MPT Club member?

If one customer only login old App, and old platform will continuously give the free chance of lucky draw.

If one customer login new App or new website, and new platform will give the free chance of lucky draw, in this case, the customer cannot come back to old app. For getting better experiences we prefer to download and try new version of MPT4U.

14. I used MPT4U Website and now I cannot use old MPT4U. Why?

As MPT4U web supports new version of MPT4U, you cannot use old version what you ever used. When the customer login to old App, customer will get pop up message to update latest version for getting lucky draw chances.

15. I purchase package from USSD, and I received Hti Pauk chance SMS also but why it’s not showing in MPT4U application?

After introducing of MPT4U new version, for any kinds of package purchase from any channels including USSD, customer will get chances on MPT4U new version platform. So, customer can play on new MPT4U Apps.

16. Where can I check my history of Top Up, Package purchace etc?

You can check from Account detail.

17. How many icons I can put on home screen and how can I change these icons?

You can put 11 icons on your home screen. If you want to change the icons, click edit from Service and you can edit or change by dragging the icons as you like.

Remark: When we see above only 4 icons which users could not change as he/she wants because we set up as default.

18. What is Privilege icon in Home screen?

For more detail’s information of MPT Club, customer can click Privilege icon on Home screen.

19. How many days history I can check for each usage group?

You can check Real Time Balance, Up to 90 Days Daily Usage, 6-month history of Top up and Package Purchase under Account Details.

20. What is Hti Pauk History? How many days I check history?

All Hti Pauk rewards customer can check in Hti Pauk History under Lucky Draw in Main Page & you can check for 7 days.

21. What is % in My Profile?

It is customer’s registered information percentage.

22. What is Gift icon from Package Puchase page?

It is gift service for all MPT users who can give gift to others MPT users.

23. What’s the MPT4U game service and how to play these games?

From the MPT4U home page, users can play the games by clicking game icon and enjoy.

24. Who are eligible to play the MPT4U games?

MPT users who already installed MPT4U application, can enjoy the games from MPT4U

For the MPT users who still don’t have MPT4U application, can download the app here or dial *4040# to get application for both Android and iOS.

25. How many games are included in MPT4U games?

There at least 5 games will be included.

26. Are there any data charges for playing games?

With MPT SIM card data network, no data charges for playing games.

27. Are there free games or need to pay to play the games?

There are two types of games which customers can choose;

  • Free games – Users can play the games without paying anything.
  • Paid games – Users must pay entry fees to play the games.

28. Are there rewards for free games?

There will be games with free tournaments are included and players will have a chance to get telecom rewards (data, voice, SMS, etc.) and non-telecom rewards (handsets, gold, etc.) base on the ranking in the games.

29. What’s the ranking in the games?

During the tournaments period, the user who play with best score will get the no.1 rank and ranking is based on the game score. If there are same score in the tournament, first one who got the score will get higher rank.

30. What are the rewards for paid games and how much for entry frees?

Users will get MPT mobile balance back base on the ranking on the games.

Entry fees will be started from 99 Kyats.

31. When will users will get their rewards?

After the tournaments finish, users will get the rewards within 10 days.

32. Will send SMS notification if the win prize?

Will send SMS notice when rewards deliver to player. Players can know their ranking in game page during tournaments and after the tournaments finish as well.

33.How will telco rewards validation period effect if player win current tournaments and previous tournaments?

Telco rewards validation is 7days and will deduct first from the rewards that player got earlier from tournaments.