MPT’s ‘Digital Skills To Go Forward’ Programme With NLD Education Network To Expand To 5 More Regions and States

01 Dec 2017

(Yangon, 30 November 2017) – MPT today announced that it is significantly expanding its support for the successful ‘Digital Skills to Go Forward’ programme which aims to empower Myanmar’s underprivileged youth through computer literacy knowledge, with a further 100 laptops, data connectivity and trainer support in five more regions and states.

The CSR education initiative being run in collaboration with the NLD Education Network operating the Amay Eain Centers hosting the programme in Yangon and Mon, will now include locations in Kayin, Thanintharyi, Ayeyawaddy, Mandalay and Sagaing in the coming year.

‘Digital Skills to Go Forward’ was launched last year to increase access to technology and education for the youth outside urban centers. Rather than travel to Yangon city or larger urban areas, young people in remote places will have the technology and training delivered right to their doorstep. More than a thousand of students have since already completed classes, increasing their employability, with MPT providing the required support to the NLD Education Network which has run computer literacy classes in the past few years to increase the scale and reach of the project.

The announcement was made at the graduation ceremony in Yangon for the fourth batch of students, who have completed courses on computer usage and training on how to use computer programme solutions such as Microsoft Office. At the ceremony, certificates were awarded to the students who have completed the computer classes at 10 NLD Education Network Amay Eain Centers and representatives from each schools accepted the certificates.

“MPT is committed to empowering the youth of Myanmar through education initiatives in collaboration with our partners such as the NLD Education Network. This programme has provided many students from underserved communities the opportunity to equip themselves with
the necessary digital skills to be better positioned in their future careers in a fast-developing Myanmar. We are pleased to be expanding it to locations in five more states and regions, allowing us positively impact for even more disadvantaged students,” said Mr. Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

“As MPT moves Myanmar forward, we are also dedicated to supporting its communities through our CSR direction ‘Together for Future Generations’, which also focuses on education and youth, areas that this professional development campaign addresses. Together, we hope to make a difference for these promising young students who previously lacked access to such training and facilities, and ensure a brighter future for them,” added Mr. Benino.

Since August 2016, MPT donated 200 laptop computers and routers for the NLD Education Network schools located in Yangon and Mon including the honorarium fees for the trainers to run the program delivering computer training across the country. To date, 1149 students have successfully completed the courses.

The operator has been taking a positive action to address on youth development by engaging young people where recently this month, MPT has partnered with the Myanmar National League for the next three years to highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle through football at the
same time to inspire youth leadership through sport.