Myanmar’s Mobile Network Operators Team up To Raise Awareness on Rapid Data Consumption

08 Nov 2018

(Yangon, 8th November, 2018) Myanmar’s operators, MPT, Ooredoo, Telenor and Mytel are joining hands to help inform mobile subscribers in the country on how they can ensure efficient and proper usage of their network data connectivity and avoid unexpected charges or depletion of data quotas, which occasionally occurs when their devices are active.

With the rapid increase of mobile Internet in Myanmar, the positive result of the deployment of new technologies within the telecommunications sector, there has been a surge in the number of users nationwide, both in urban and rural areas. With the millions of mobile users getting on modern 3G and 4G networks every day to communicate with friends and family on social media, visit websites, enjoy videos and media content online, game as well as access numerous useful apps on a daily basis, data connectivity has made an indelible impact on the people, communities and businesses of the country.

However, many are still unaware of how certain factors such as mobile device settings or usage patterns can affect their data, in particular when unintended bill or data consumption takes place. To help address this ongoing issue, the operators will each be producing informative content for the mobile-using public on proper data network connectivity set up and tips on how to reduce unnecessary data loss and potentially save subscription topups from being used up rapidly.

To minimize your data consumption, following are the 10 ways you need to execute:

1. Turn-off auto updating
You should stop apps from updating automatically. It may lead instant and extra data usage without your permission.

2. Update Apps only via WiFi
Plenty of users out there continue updating their applications over cellular connections and this is OK if you choose to do it. But you have to notice that all your apps were auto-updated without your consent, spending all your precious Gbs many times.

3. Restrict Background Data
You may need to care that some apps just spend too much data, even when the smartphone is not in use. Remember to also delete old apps that you don’t use anymore.

4. Keep an eye on your account syncing settings
You must also realize many apps and services are set to keep sync by default, and often we don’t even use them!

5.Remove Ads to Minimize Data Usage
You should need to understand that advertisements also consume lots of Internet data to load and run.

6.Use Lightweight Browsers
Some of the default browser in smart phone uses maximize your data. Lightweight browsers that will consume less data usage.

7. Be aware when streaming content
Streaming videos and music, as well as looking through high quality images, videos or audio are the awesome stuff that use up the most data. On your phone, you can choose to stream lower quality of video without harming the viewing experience.

8.Limit and set the data usage in mobile
You can easily set a limit on your data usage on your device, use less megabytes, and get saved from paying extra charges, which can get exorbitant and inconvenient.

9.Turn off video auto play on Facebook
For data loss, auto play videos will be annoying where the device suddenly starts playing the video with sound while scrolling down through the page and you can disable these videos complete to save your data while checking Facebook.

10.Use a data pack
Data packs will give you most value for your money. All operators are offering a series of different pack options to best accommodate individual needs. A data pack will help you reduce your cost from standard PayGo rates.

Mobile users are also suggested to reach out to their relevant operators to find out how they can control the data consumption on their mobile phones. Operators’ customer service teams can help them find out the options to use their bills effectively.

All the operators would like to urge Myanmar’s mobile users to check their device settings and practice smart usage while connecting on their respective data networks. By being aware of the helpful steps and remaining careful with their connectivity, network subscribers can maximize the value of their online-based services and have a much improved overall experience.

For any queries regarding their bills, balances, data usage or other matters, customers may also visit the respective operators’ official Facebook or website and call centers.