MPT mobile Internet connection is now even faster in Mandalay and Bagan

31 Mar 2015

This week, MPT DC-HSPA+ network upgrade was completed in Mandalay and Bagan, after having first being installed in other locations such as Yangon. Swe Thahar users can already feel the difference, seeing their mobile Internet connection getting even faster than before.

This new network upgrade is part of MPT’s continuous effort to offer the highest Internet speed to everyone in Myanmar, by further upgrading its network to DC-HSPA+. With this new technology, MPT customers can enjoy faster speed and higher reliability, will be able to access a wide range of Internet services. MPT will continue upgrading its network to faster technologies and offer continuously improving customer experience.

MPT is Myanmar’s operator with the largest coverage. With the help of its partners KDDI and Sumitomo Corporation, MPT is continuously improving its network to provide the best coverage and service quality to customers. By mid-2015, 100% of MPT’s mobile network will be 3G, allowing faster Internet connection for all. More areas will be covered by MPT network soon: 70% of Myanmar territory will have MPT network by the end of 2016, giving almost all Myanmar people access to quality mobile telecommunication services at affordable prices.