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What is Htaw B ?

Customer can convert main balance 5 times.

With Htaw B Balance 5,000Ks,you can use maximum MPT-MPT= 153 mins (or) Data = 467 MB (or) MPT-MPT SMS= 250.

 Htaw B  is a upgraded promotion – you can convert your main balance 5 times and enjoy your  Htaw B  Balance LONGER.
You can use  Htaw B  Balance  for Data , On-net Voice & SMS.

For easily use, please download MPT4U Application

– Data Charge Free

– Balance Checking

-Htaw B Balance Exchange



How to use Htaw B Balance?

Convert from(Main balance)Convert to ( Htaw B balance) Htaw B Balance ValiditySubscriptionBalance Check
1000Ks5000Ks15 Days*5001#Send 1000 to 1332*500#*224#
2000Ks10000Ks30 Days*5002#Send 2000 to 1332
5000Ks25000Ks60 Days*5005#Send 5000 to 1332

Terms And Conditions

1. GSM/WCDMA Prepaid active users (Swe/Shal/Shwe) are eligible.
2. Postpaid, CDMA, Base Tariff and non-active users are NOT in scope.
3. MPT4U (or) Dial *500# to enjoy Htaw B pack.
4. Htaw B balance can be used flexibility for Data, MPT-MPT calls/SMS with special rates.
5.Multi-purchases are allowed. The Balance will be merged and validity will be updated to longest period.
6. Cannot be merged Htaw B (5X), 7X Htaw B and 10X All in One Htaw B balances.
7. Htaw B Balance cannot be used to buy for data packs, voice packs and other packages.
8. Htaw B Balance is non-transferable & non-refundable.
9. Charging pulse for voice will be 20 secs and for data 200 KB.
10. Can win (up to) 100 times of Htaw B balance by playing through (1) chance of “Hti Tine Htaw/ Htaw B Hti Pauk” just by buying any Htaw B pack in any channel.
11. Htaw B balance through “Htaw B Hti Pauk (Hti Tine Htaw)” can be used with special rates of Data 10.7Ks/MB, MPT-MPT calls 32.5Ks/min, MPT-MPT SMS 20Ks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Htaw B?

  • Htaw B is a promotion that MPT customers can convert their main balance 5 times and enjoy Htaw B Balance with MPT-MPT Voice @32.5Ks, Data @10.7Ks and [email protected]

You can enjoy as per below denomination:

DetailHtaw B Validity
1,000 Main Balance = 5,000 Ks Htaw B  Balance15 Days
2,000 Main Balance = 10,000 Ks Htaw B  Balance30 Days
5,000 Main Balance = 25,000 Ks Htaw B Balance60 Days

2 ) Who can buy Htaw B Balance?

All MPT prepaid customers in Swe Thahar, Shal Pyaw and Shwe Zagar plan can buy Htaw B Balance.

3) How can I buy my Htaw B balance?

  • You have multiple options, either USSD, SMS or you can do it via MPT 4U app
  • Dial *500# to choose the amount of balance you want to multiply 5 times or Dial *5001# to convert 1000 Ks to 5000 Ks, *5002# to convert 2000 Ks to 10000 Ks or *5005# to convert 5000 Ks into 25000 Ks.

  • You can also use SMS channel as per above table.
  • And also go to MPT 4U all, select pack purchase and just select the Htaw B product you want to purchase.

4) How long will I keep my Htaw B balance?

  • If you exchange 1000 Ks, you will get 5000 Ks for 15 days
  • If you exchange 2000 Ks, you will get 10000 Ks for 30 days
  • If you exchange 5000 Ks, you will get 25000 Ks for 60 days
  • You don’t lose you Htaw B balance if you keep exchanging balance, you can extend the validity for as long as you want, as long as you can keep exchanging balance.

5) For which services my Htaw B balance is available for?

  • Htaw B balance is available for on net Voice and SMS and also for PAYG data.

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