MPT will introduce new offers and services on Monday, January 12th

09 Jan 2015


Answering to consumers’ high expectations, MPT will launch new tariffs and new services with better network experience from January 12th.

“Our customers have been waiting for us to announce new tariffs. Now, we are very confident about our network and services and therefore, we want to share with you our new offers, as well as the next steps of our development towards connecting Myanmar people”, said Mr Takashi Nagashima, CEO of MPT-KDDI-Sumitomo Joint Operations, during  the press conference presenting new offers on Friday January 9th. Mr Nagashima then announced 5 good news for Myanmar people in 2015.

  • New “Swe Thahar” plan 


On January 12th, MPT will introduce a new plan called Swe Thahar, allowing customers to enjoy better rates on calls and SMS, as well as a much faster Internet speed. Swe Thahar plan requires subscription and is available for GSM/WCDMA SIM cards customers only.

Swe Thahar pay-as-you-go plan’s key features:

  • Better price
    • Tariff for calls will now only be 35 Ks per minute to any number, at any time.
    • Tariff for SMS will be 15 Ks per SMS.
  • As launch promotion, all customers who subscribe to Swe Thahar for the first time by March 31st 2015 will benefit from a special rate of 25 Ks per minute on calls to their 3 MPT favorite numbers during 30 days upon registration of the first preferred number!
  • Convenient Internet charge with no data activation fee
    • When customers subscribe to Swe Thahar, they can access the Internet without paying any data activation fee.
    • Internet usage will be counted “per MB” instead of “per minute”. Data price will be 15 Ks per MB.
  • As launch promotion, all customers who subscribe to Swe Thahar for the first time by March 31st 2015 will enjoy 50 MB for free!
  • Higher Internet speed
  • By subscribing to this new plan, customers will enjoy much faster Internet by the new 3G network technology of HSPA+. Theoretical maximum speed will be 42Mbps (speed is the best effort basis depending on location, time, handset, and the system availability).
  • MPT will keep investing to expand the area and the capacity of this high speed Internet network so that more customers can enjoy this comfortable Internet connection.
  • For time-based Base Tariff, MPT applies a speed cap at 256Kbps for 3G and 128Kbps for 2G SIM (Note:  internet speed is provided on best effort basis).
Base Tariff Swe Thahar
Eligible customers All MPT customers GSM/WCDMA SIM card customers
How to subscribe? Default tariff Send SMS “SWE” (prepaid) or “POSTSWE”(postpaid) to 1332 (to switch from base tariff to Swe Thahar)
Voice rate 50 Ks /minoff-peak hours (23:00-07:00): 25Ks/min 35 Ks /minWelcome Promotion: 25 Ks for 3 favorite MPT numbers (30 days)
SMS  rate 25 Ks /SMS 15 Ks /SMS
Internet 4 Ks /min (3G)2 Ks /min (2G)

  • Data activation fee: 10,000 Ks
  • Internet speed capped at 256kbps for 3G and 128Kbps for 2G SIM cards.
15 Ks /MB

  • No Data activation Fee
  • Higher Internet speed (up to 42Mbps)
  • Welcome Promotion: 50MB bonus upon subscription (30 days)
  • Voice and Internet packages to get even better rates

image005 image003

MPT also prepared special packages to complete Swe Thahar plan for those who need to call more and those who like to surf more the Internet. With these  additional packages, Swe Thahar members can get even better rates.

Package Allowance Package price Validity How to purchase?
Voice Package 480 minutes to all MPT phone numbers 12,000 KsCall from 25 Ks /min 30 days Send SMS “480MIN” to 1332*
Internet Package 400MB 400 MB of data 5,000 KsSurf from 12.5 Ks /MB 30 days Send SMS “400MB” to 1332*
Internet Package 1GB 1 GB of data 10,000 KsSurf from 10 Ks /MB 30 days Send SMS “1GB” to 1332*

*Total Package price will be deducted from main balance upon subscription.

Swe Thahar’s add-on packages are available for prepaid and postpaid GSM/ WCDMA users who subscribed to Swe Thahar.

  • Free subscription to Value Added Service

In addition, most Value Added Services (VAS) will now be free of charge for subscription.

Service Description How to activate? Price
Voicemail Allows the person who calls to leave a voice message in case the user is not available Send “VMS” to 1331 FREESubscription
Missed call alert Sends a notification to the user if someone called while the phone was off Send “MCA” to 1331
Call forward Allows user to divert calls to another number Send “CF” to 1331
Call waiting Notifies the user if someone is calling while he/she is already on the line and allows him/her to put the first call on hold while taking the second one Send “CW” to 1331
  • Small denomination top up cards for everyone to access telecommunications 


To make communication accessible to the greatest number of people, MPT will also introduce lower denomination top up cards, with 1,000 Ks and 3,000 Ks top up cards. These top up card denominations will be available at usual points of sales and through e-top up from January 12th.

  • Price reduction for SIM replacement


Following its customers’ suggestions, MPT has also made SIM replacement for lost SIM cards more affordable: customers who lost or damaged their SIM card will get a new one for 1,500 Ks only (compared to 20,000 Ks in most cases before). SIM cards will be replaced for free in case the damage was not caused by customers.

To conclude his address, Mr Takashi Nagashima talked about the next steps: “While we will be extending our network towards rural areas, we will keep on increasing our network capacity, in order to provide best-in-class services while serving more and more customers.”

For more information, visit www.mpt.com.mm and follow MPT on Facebook: www.facebook.com/mptofficialpage

Yangon, January 9th 2015