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Payment Through Bank Channel

1. What is new for payment through bank channel?

Until recently, MPT’s Post-Paid subscribers could make a payment only at MPT TRA or Post Office, MEB or some agent collection channel. Starting from 1st of June customer can pay all the MPTbills in Myanmar Kyats with MPT logo through mobile banking application of KBZ Bank and CB Bank or over the counters in all branches of KBZ Bank and CB Bank.

2. What kind of bills or payment can I pay?

All Myanmar currency invoices with MPT logo, including Line Phone, ADSL, FTTH, and postpaid mobile phone can be paid through these new bank channel.

3. Can I still pay at MPT TRA or post office?

Yes, customer can still make payment at “Yangon city TRA”, “Mandalay city TRA” and “Naypyidaw TRA” and Post office.

4. How can I pay through mobile banking application?

Customer needs to have KBZ or CB bank account and have done the registration for those mobile banking service. The banks can provide detail information for you.

5. Will there be transaction charges for me to bare?

No, the transaction charges will be borne by MPT.

6. I have KBZ/CB bank account, but I have not have access to mobile banking service, can I still use bank channel for my payment?

Customer can pay over the counter at any bank branch of KBZ Bank and CB Bank.
If customer would like to pay by mobile banking service, customer needs to register at bank branches first.

7. What do I need bring to make payment at bank branches?

Customer will need to bring the bill in hard-copy or soft copy. Payment can be made over the counter by KBZ cheque or cash at any KBZ bank branch, or CB Bank cheque or cash at any CB Bank branch.

8. Do I have to be at bank in person to make payment? Can I ask someone to make the payment at bank on behalf of me?

Yes. As long as the person brings soft or hard copy of the invoice, payment can be made at a bank branch.

9. What kind of information will I need when I make payment through mobile banking application?

When you execute payment by mobile banking application, you will need to input customer code, invoice number and invoice amount as the required information. Other information may be asked by the banks too.

10. If I mistakenly make payment of an amount different from the invoice amount through mobile banking. What should I do?

(a) If you made payment of more than the invoice amount, the excess amount will be adjusted (credited) to next month bill. Therefore, you will need to pay less in the next month.
(b) If you make payment of less than the invoice amount, you are still requested to make payment of the shortage amount with the same invoice number. Unless the invoice amount is paid in full, such invoice will be regarded as being outstanding, and MPT would close the line temporarily till full payment is completed.

11. How can I pay the bills through KBZ bank mobile banking?

Please check details information for KBZ bank mobile banking (Link)

12. How can we pay the bills through CB bank mobile banking?

Please check details information for CB bank mobile banking (Link)