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Poh B

1. What is “Poh B”?

“Poh B” is Gifting Service. MPT users can send Data Pack, Voice Pack & Htaw B+ to another MPT numbers as gift.

To use this, just dial existing USSD and chose your preferred pack. Choose Gift option and follow the instruction. You can also use MPT 4U app to gift MPT products to other MPT numbers. There is no limitation for sending and receiving MPT products. Receivers can enjoy the products that they receive, according to the standard Terms & Conditions of MPT.

Data Carry Plus Pack*777# 


A Kyite Pyaw+ Voice Pack*600#
Htaw B*500#

2. Do I need to pay service fees to use “Poh B”?

No service fee is required.

If you are a sender (person who will gift MPT product to other MPT number), only package price that you gift will be deducted from your main balance. SMS notification will be received.

If you are a receiver (person who will receive MPT Product as gift from other MPT number), will receive the product automatically. You will be notified via SMS. You can check your pack quota by dialing *224#.

3. I have remaining Data Carry Plus Pack Quota and I also receive Data Carry Pack from my friend as Gift. What will happen?

Both(remaining & new) will be merged and can be used according to the standard terms & conditions.

A Kyite Pyaw+ Voice Pack & Htaw B will also be merged with remaining quota of receive if they are same product.