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Who are the talents and what topics they discussed in MESC Talents Talk-Show mainly supported by MPT

In MLBB Talk-show, everyone beloved ICE ICE, the leader of Burmese Ghouls and Pretty Girl Streamers, May & Phoo Phoo participated in it.

In PUBG Talk-show, Power, Tomlla & Taka talked enthusiastically about their opinions and what are they doing now.

After watching these two talk-show videos, MPT users who share the video and send the screenshot of it to MESC Chat box will get their awards of 500 MPT Club Points.
( Only for first 1000 users who submit to MESC per each video. )

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Terms & Conditions

  1. MPT users have to share Myanmar Esports Club’s Talents Talk Show Video on their personal Facebook timeline.
  2. MPT users have to send the screenshot of it to Myanmar Esports Club’s Facebook Messenger together with their MPT number.
  3. 500 MPT Club Points will be awarded to first 1000 users who submit per video.