MPT extends its promotions until further notice

24 Mar 2015

Following the great success encountered by the promotions on Swe Thahar plan and packages, MPT has decided to extend them after March. Indeed, customers have expressed their satisfaction with Swe Thahar Internet promotion and favorite numbers promotion and have been requesting MPT to extend its term after March. Listening to customers’ voice, MPT has decided to continue applying the promotional rate until further notice.

Swe Thahar customers will thus continue to enjoy high speed Internet with 50% discount, at only 7.5Ks/MB. They will still be able to get even better rates by purchasing the Internet packages at discounted prices: 400MB at 2,800Ks, 1GB at 6,500Ks and 5GB at 25,000Ks. The customers can enjoy the current promotion tariff until the further notice.

MPT goes even beyond discounting the Internet rate. The telecom operator now allows all Swe Thahar users to call 3 MPT mobile numbers for 25ks/min, without limitation in the promotion period, and without any subscription fees. To enjoy these competitive rates, customers just have to register their favorite numbers by sending an SMS to 1332, mentioning ADD followed by the phone number (ADD 09XXXXXX). Those who had already enjoyed this promotion, previously limited to only 30 days, can enjoy it again from April 1st. For those who have registered their numbers after March 1st, the promotional rate will be automatically applied until further notice to their registered numbers. For those who had registered their favorite numbers before March 1st (included), they just need to register them again from April 1st and the rate will apply until further notice. Customers can even change up to 1 favorite number every 30 days.

This announcement is a new sign that MPT is willing to become more competitive, more customer-oriented and that it is fully ready to move Myanmar forward.

To enjoy this promotional rates, it is necessary to be on Swe Thahar. Those who have already subscribed to Swe Thahar will simply continue getting discounted rates. For the others, they simply need to send “SWE” to 1332. Subscription to Swe Thahar plan is free and it is possible to unsubscribe at any point in time.