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PUBG Mobile Pack

Now MPT subscribers can win PUBG mobile pack Exclusive game items by using PUBG Mobile Pack which includes regular data at the most affordable price with a combination of PUBG Mobile pack.

PUBG Mobile Pack is for all internet usage with affordable rate. You can win PUBG mobile pack Lucky Game Items by buying PUBG Mobile Pack.

Here is what you get from PUBG Mobile Pack

Data quota

850 MB data for all internet usage

Premium Benefit

Lucky PUBG mobile pack Game Items


30 days


945 Ks

Step 1: Dial *8005# to buy the PUBG Mobile Pack

Step 2: You will receive 850 MB of regular data and be informed if you win PUBG mobile pack game items.

Prizes of PUBG mobile pack in Game Items by purchasing PUBG Mobile Pack

Terms and Conditions

  • Base Tariff and CDMA users are not eligible to subscribe.
  • Data available with this pack is usable for any data.
  • MPT Customers who purchase PUBG mobile pack  will receive 850 MB (any data) for 30 days and can have the chance to win PUBG mobile pack  in-game items.
  • Once the pack data is consumed or the data validity is over, customers will be charged at data rates as per other subscribed data packs or pay-as-you-go rates.
  • Each customer can buy multiple PUBG mobile pack .
  • All subscribers of the PUBG mobile pack shall be bound by MPT’s General Terms and Conditions, which can be found at:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PUBG Mobile Pack?

PUBG Mobile Pack  is a data pack which includes 850 MB for all internet usage at 945Ks, validity is 30 days. The user who purchased this pack can have a chance to win PUBG game items.

2. Who all can buy this pack ?

All MPT GSM / WCDMA prepaid / postpaid customers (Swe Thahar/Shal Pyaw/Shwe Sagar)   are eligible to buy this pack.

3. What are the eligible criteria for the lucky draw?

The users who purchased PUBG Mobile Pack.

4. How can the user know whether win lucky draw or not?

The user who wins lucky draw for PUBG game item will be informed via SMS next working days.

5. Is there any validation for lucky game items?

Yes, validity of items is as below table.

No Item Name Expiry days (till when earned item will work after receiving)
1 1 x ClassicCoupon. Permanent
2 3 x ClassicCrateCouponScrap Permanent
3 1 x Racer Set (Green) 3 Days
4 3 x SupplyCrateCouponScrap Permanent
5 1 x White Rabbit - AUG 3 Days

6. Can we buy more than one pack?

Yes, you can.  There is no limitation to purchase the pack. If there is remaining data, data quota will be merged, and validity will be extended to the latest one.

7. I am having trouble redeeming lucky game items. What can I do?

Please contact customer support via MPT Facebook page or call 106 MPT call center.

8. Is the price of the pack (945Ks) inclusive of taxes?

Yes, the pack price is inclusive of taxes.

9. What item can I get by lucky draw?

You have chance to get below item.
Racer Set (Green)
White Rabbit – AUG

10. When is the expiration date to use item codes?

The expiration date is on 31/02/2022.