Sales and Purchase of Pre-Registered SIM Cards Can Result In Serious Repercussions

21 Jul 2020

(Yangon, 21st July 2020) – Post and Telecommunications Department (PTD) has recently implemented strict regulations with regards to the sales of pre-registered SIM cards. As such, MPT is utilizing the “Activation after Verification” scheme to ensure that MPT SIM cards are not being sold to our valued customers without being registered and activated using accurate personal information and proper identification.

PTD regulations stipulate that only the official points-of-sales of telecom operators are authorized to sell new SIM cards. Customers are also prohibited from purchasing of pre-registered SIM cards from any vendor. Moreover, any sales partners of MPT are strictly prohibited from selling SIM cards to customers without registration or selling pre-registered SIM cards in any case and should be aware that PTD has vowed to take serious legal action to the full extent of the law against any violators.

Each customer can possess a maximum of two SIM cards. Customers must also avoid purchasing MPT SIM cards from shops or vendors who refuse to or unable to assist with SIM registration. Proper identification such as NRC for Myanmar Citizens or Passport for Foreigners is required for SIM registration.

“It has been a few months since we have started using ‘Activation after Verification schemed to assist our customers with SIM registration. This is to make sure our customers are not duped into purchasing illegal pre-registered SIM cards by illicit vendors. Only the authorized vendors can sell MPT SIM cards and assist customers with the proper SIM registration process. I would like to remind our valued customers that SIM registration is not only legally required but doing so can help avoid malicious activities by criminals, scammers, and fraudsters,” said Mr.Tetsunori Nagashima, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM JO.

Customers who may have knowingly or unknowingly purchased pre-registered SIM cards being sold by unauthorized vendors will have their SIM cards terminated. Therefore, MPT would like to urge our value customers to avoid purchasing MPT SIM cards without proper SIM registration.

Registering the SIM Card under their legal name and proper identification can help customers enjoy MPT’s services safely, securely, and avoid malicious activity by criminals especially in mobile financial services. SIM Registration can also help avoid misuse and exploitation by scammers and fraudsters.

Furthermore, SIM registration help improves the trust between customers and telecom operators, the integrity of the telecom industry, and contributes to the development of the digital economy in Myanmar.

For more information, please call 106, visit the MPT official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mptofficialpage/ or MPT official website www.mpt.com.mm.