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International Roaming FAQs en

International Roaming1. Can I use my phone when I am abroad?Yes, you can use your MPT SIM card to receive calls, send or receive SMS while being abroad. For GSM/WCDMA prepaid users, to use international roaming overseas, no subscription needed. Charges applied when using your phone from overseas countries are different from usual charges. 2. … Continue reading "International Roaming FAQs en"

Roaming & Promotion

Roaming & PromotionWhat is international Roaming Service?International Roaming Service provides you with access to your phone in any mobile operator network in another country. This service allows you to call your friends and family who are in Myanmar or another country when you are in a foreign country. MPT will collect fees from users for … Continue reading "Roaming & Promotion"

MPT Customers Can Now Enjoy LTE+ Data Roaming in Popular Holiday Destinations

(Yangon- 23 April, 2019) MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, unveils the new MPT’s LTE+ roaming services for MPT users who are travelling to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia & Hong Kong with very affordable tariff. This gives Myanmar’s International travellers big savings & the ability to enjoy high-speed data during roaming while saving 99% … Continue reading "MPT Customers Can Now Enjoy LTE+ Data Roaming in Popular Holiday Destinations"

MPT Users Who Are Travelling Abroad Will Have Amazing Data Prices with New Data Roaming Promotion

(Yangon –March 3rd to 14th 2019)  MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, is excited to announce special international data roaming rates for customers travelling to other countries. With this new offer,

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International Roaming

International Roaming Get connected while you are travelling to Abroad through MPT network with a special package How to activate roaming? How to check your roaming status?SMS “RMDON” to 1332Dear MPT Customer, you have subscribed to data roaming. You will be charged according to the country you are visiting. For tariff details, please visit: … Continue reading "International Roaming"

Roaming Promotions

Roaming Promotions1. What is the promotional tariff ? Countries Tariff Price Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore/ China/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Macau/Vietnam/ Cambodia/Laos/Indonesia/Brunei 15 Ks/MB Roaming rate cutter at 900 Ks offering 9 Ks/MB for a week Japan/S.Korea/Srilanka/India/USA/Australia 50 Ks/MB United Kingdom/Sweden/Russia/Norway/ Netherland/Italy/Hungary/Germany/France/ Finland/Denmark 50 Ks/MB All are inclusive of Tax. 2. What are the standard tariff for data roaming (without promotion) ?The … Continue reading "Roaming Promotions"

MPT Introduces 15 MMK/MB International Data Roaming Rate!

(Yangon, 3rd April 2018) – MPT is excited to announce special international data roaming rates for customers travelling during Myanmar New Year. With this new offer, MPT customers can now

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International Roaming Outbound

GSM/WCDMA prepaid users can use their MPT SIM card while abroad to make and receive calls or send and receive SMS and use data. No prior subscription is

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Celebrate SEA Games 2017 With MPT’s Free Incoming Call And Enjoy Data Roaming At 8 Kyats/MB In Malaysia

(Yangon, 22 August 2017) – MPT is introducing special roaming rates for its customers participating and supporting at the 29th  SEA Games in Malaysia, in conjunction with the region’s premier

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Data Roaming on MPT

(Yangon, 20 March, 2017) – MPT customers can now enjoy internet and social media services whilst abroad.

To opt into the service, prepaid Swe Thahar SIM users need to simply opt-in

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