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Shal Pyaw

1.What is “Shal Pyaw” Plan?

MPT users can connect with each other at the lowest call rate 15Ks/Min.

– Voice call to MPT numbers : 15 Ks/Min

– Voice call to other numbers : 25 Ks/Min

– Data ( Internet ) : 8 Ks/MB

– SMS : 15 Ks/SMS

2. How can I subscribe to “Shanl Pyaw”?

Dial *234*3# to subscribe. Subscription to “Shal Pyaw” Plan is completely free.

3 . Can I purchase internet Packages on “Shal Pyaw”Plan?

  • Yes
  • MPT Data Packages are available on “Shal Pyaw” Plan also.
  • Customer can enjoy data service from the lowest 1Ks/MB at MPT’s variety of Data Packages.

4. Can I enjoy Happy Friday’s Free Data Benefit on “Shal Pyaw” Plan?

Yes, current promotion benefit (Happy Friday, etc) & current Value Added Services (Balance Transfer, Yuu Htar, CRBT, etc) remain the same on “Shal Pyaw” Plan.

5. I have Data Package Quota in my current plan. If I switch to “Shal Pyaw”, what will happen?

  • You can carry over your Data Package Quota to “Shal Pyaw”.
  • Moving to “Shal Pyaw” will not effect on your data packages.

6. I am on Base Tariff. Can I purchase Data Packages?

Base tariff users cannot purchase Data Packages. Please switch to Swe Thahar or Shal Pyaw Plan or Shwe Zagar first and purchase Data Packages.

6. I am a CDMA user. Can I subscribe to “Shal Pyaw” Plan?

No. CDMA users cannot subscribe to “Shal phyaw” Plan.