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Talk with your beloved ones with the lowest voice rate 15Ks/Min in Myanmar.

Dial *234*3# to subscribe “Shal Pyaw” and be connected.

On-net – 15Ks/Min

Off-net – 27Ks/Min

SMS – 15Ks/SMS

Data – 8Ks/1MB

Terms & Conditions :

– Shal Pyaw Price Plan prices as of 1st March 2019 onwards .
– Until 28th  February 2019, effective rate of Shal Pyaw Plan is Voice call(MPT-MPT) 15Ks/min,  Voice(MPT-others) 27Ks/Min, SMS 15Ks/SMS, Internet 8Ks/MB.
– This rate is subject to an additional 5% commercial tax.
– Local calls will be charged at every 15 seconds.
– MPT users can switch to other plans ( Shwe Zagar & Swe Thahar ) plan once in one calendar day.
– Subscribing is free of charge ALWAYS

Commands Table

Plan Name Cost To Subscribe
Prepaid Postpaid
Shwe Zagar Free Dial *234*4# Dial *235*4#
Shal Pyaw Free Dial *234*3# Dial *235*3#
Swe Thahar Free Dial *234*2# Dial *235*2#

*Customer can change the plan by dialing *106# or from MPT 4U app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is “Shal Pyaw” Plan?

• MPT users can connect with each other at the lowest call rate 15Ks/Min.

– Voice call to MPT numbers : 15 Ks/Min
– Voice call to other numbers : 25 Ks/Min
– Data ( Internet ) : 8 Ks/MB
– SMS : 15 Ks/SMS

2. How can I subscribe to “Shal Pyaw” Plan?

• Dial *234*3# to subscribe. Subscription to “Shal Pyaw” Plan is completely free.

3. Who can subscribe to “Shal Pyaw” Plan?

• Active MPT GSM/WCDMA user can subscribe to “Shal Pyaw”.

4. Can I purchase Internet Packages on “Shal Pyaw” Plan?

• Yes.
• MPT Data Packages are available on “Shal Pyaw” Plan also.
• Customer can enjoy data service from the lowest 1Ks/MB at MPT’s variety of Data Packages.

5. I don’t want to be charged higher data rate. What can I do?

• MPT offers variety of Data packages – you can enjoy data service from the lowest 1Ks/MB.

Shal Pyaw

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Daily Data Packages
Data Carry Packages
Social Packages
Night Time Data Packages

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