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Shwe Zagar

1. What is “Shwe Zagar” Plan?

MPT offers Lowest Call Rate Plan “Shwe Zagar”.

Voice call to MPT numbers : 10 Ks/Min

Voice call to other numbers : 27 Ks/Min

Data ( Internet ) : 8 Ks/MB

SMS       : 15 Ks/SMS

2 .How can I subscribe to “Shwe Zagar” Plan?

Dial *234*4# to subscribe. Subscription to “Shwe Zagar” Plan is completely free.

3 .How can I cancel “Shwe Zagar” Plan?

As MPT offers different plan, customer can choose and switch to their preferred one freely.

To switch to – Swe Thahar Plan => Dial *234*2#

To switch to – Shal Pyaw Plan => Dial *234*3#

To switch to – Shwe Zagar Plan => Dial *234*4#

Subscription (or) Switching is allowed maximum 1 time per one calendar day. If you have switched plan one time in one calendar day, you cannot switch again on that day. Please try again next day.


4 .I am on Shwe Zagar Plan. When I made a call to MPT number for 5 seconds, 15 seconds was charged. Why?

Starting from 13th Dec 2017, all local calls except for Base Tariff will be charged at every 15 seconds.

For Example: – MPT to MPT Call

– 0 – 15 Sec : 2.50 Kyats (Excluding tax)

– 16 – 30 Sec : 5.00 Kyats (Excluding tax)

– 31 – 45 Sec : 7.50 Kyats (Excluding tax)

– 46 – 60 Sec : 10.00 Kyats (Excluding tax)

5 .Can I purchase Internet Packages on “Shwe Zagar” Plan?

Yes, MPT Data Packages are available on “Shwe Zagar” Plan also.

Customer can enjoy data service from the lowest 1Ks/MB at MPT’s variety of Data Packages.

6 . Is there any restriction to switch to “Shwe Zagar” Plan?

All active MPT GSM/WCDMA user can switch to “Shwe Zagar” Plan.

But subscription is allowed maximum 1 time per one calendar day.


7. I activate new SIM card, which plan will be with me?

“SweThahar” Plan is the default plan for new SIMs. But you can easily switch to “Shwe Zagar” by dialing *234*4#.