SMS Donation Platform Is Open for General Aung San Film Production Process

25 Sep 2019

(Yangon, 25th September 2019) Starting on 25th September 2019, MPT will be available a SMS donation platform for the people of Myanmar to involve themselves by charitable donations in General Aung San Biography Film Production Process which will become historic record of the country. This donation platform supports the action of working together by contributing funds for the historic event that portrayed about a National Hero who sacrificed his life for the country’s independence. This film production process will be operated with the supporting of public and planning to deliver the completed output to the People of Myanmar.

The process of donation through SMS Platform can be done by sending SMS “500” to 9000 and there will be no fees or charges incur to the donors who access SMS Donation, but their donation will fully go to this remarkable project. Each donation will be 500 Ks per SMS and customers can contribute as much as they want throughout the campaign period.

Donation Steps

To make the film’s script correct with historical facts of General Aung San, Government formed General Aung San Biopic Development Committee on 24th November 2017 chaired by the Union Minister, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture and made arrangement to start the development of General Aung San film immediately.

Thura U Aung Ko, Minister for Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture also shared his words at the eleventh coordination meeting of the work committee to produce biography film of General Aung San  that “Main Reason for development of the National leader General Aung San’s biopic film with flavor of art is ornate to emulate, to have thoughts and inspiration and to have heard by many generations not just to mark the history but to the occurrence of  many General Aung Sans in the futures of the country.”