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Social Pack Promotion

1. What is Social Pack Promo?

Social Pack Promo is the types of using internet packages that can be used for Social Data (including Facebook, Messenger, Viber, LINE and Instagram) and any other Data.

2. How many Social Pack Promo does MPT offer?

Price (Tax Incl)VolumeValidityDirect USSDUSSD
199Ks180MB2 Days*3001#*3333#
949Ks860MB7 Days*3002#
2,699Ks2450MB30 Days*3003#

3. I bought one social pack promo. Then I bought another social pack promo before the previous social pack promo expired. Are the validity and data volume of these two packs merge? What will it happen?

The validity and data allowances of these two packs will not merged. Each pack will be expired with its validity and amount.

4. What is the priority, if I buy Daily Data Pack/Social Pack Promo and Data Carry Pack to use the Facebook and which one gets consumed first?

It will be consumed according to below priority:-

  • Daily Data Pack
  • Social Pack Promo
  • Data Carry Pack