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What is MPT Special Offer (New Data Pack)?

MPT is bringing a special offer for everyone. As all of our customers are different from one another, we are offering a different offer only for you on every single day. Dial *555# and you will get different offer only for you on everyday starting from 1 Kyat/MB 875MB at 949 Ks. Don’t miss your chance to get your special offer today.

How to subscribe?

Here is another special promotion of “Special Offer” starting from today! Introducing a data pack with at 1Ks/MB, starting from 875MB at 949Ks. Dial *555# to subscribe!

Terms and Conditions

– Offers might not the same every day, customer should check *555# offer every day to discover the special offer of the day.

–  Offers, even for same customer, might change, so customer has to keep checking by dialing *555# or reading SMS to make sure not to miss his offers.
– MPT special offers will come via SMS too, all SMS are from short code 999XX
– Every offer is unique for each customer and for each particular day, so offers are not the same for all customers every day.

– MPT special offers provide a set of data packs with bonus data, extra validity or attractive bundled offers, as well as a set of top up offers that customer can enjoy every day, so customer has to keep discovering special offers.


(Inclusive of 5% Tax)





Pack Validity






Direct USSD




Bonus Validity


699MMK 350MB  



30 Days





*777# *777*1# DC1 to 1332 Subscribe for 350MB
949MMK 600MB *777*2# DC2 to 1332 Subscribe for 600MB
1,499MMK 850MB 1,500 MMK *778# *778*1# DC3 to 1332  


5 days






Subscribe for 850MB
2,999MMK 1,700MB 3,000MMK *778*2# DC4 to 1332 Subscribe for 1700MB
4,999MMK 2,900MB 5,000MMK *778*3# DC5 to 1332 Subscribe for 2900MB
9,999MMK 5,800MB 10,000MMK *778*4# DC6 to 1332 Subscribe for 5800MB
19,999MMK 12,000MB 20,000MMK *778*5# DC7 to 1332 Subscribe for 12000MB

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to subscribe?

Dial *555# and you will find data pack as your special offer –875MB at 949 Ks. You can select the menu and subscribe the offer

2. How is the priority of the balance?

If you have both Data Carry pack and this 1Ks/MB pack, 1Ks/MB Pack will be the first to consume than Data Carry.

3. How long is the validity?

60 days from the date of purchase.

4. Can we carry over the unused amount over 60 days validity?

It cannot be carried over.