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By subscribing to this service, you agree to MPT’s latest General Terms and Conditions, which can be found at [link].

What is MPT Special Offer?

MPT is bringing a special offer for everyone. As all of our customers are different from one another, we are offering a different offer only for you on every single day. Special Offer is available via USSD (or) MPT4U app where you can get different offers only for you everyday. Don’t miss your chance to get your special offer today.

How to subscribe?

For Special data packs, HtawB, Voice and SMS packs with affordable prices, dial *555# and *2006# to subscribe.

Terms and Conditions

1. Eligible for select MPT GSM/WCDMA Prepaid Customers who are not on Base Tariff Plan.

2.Special Offers are based on Customer behavior and will be different for different customers based on their profile.

3.Special Offers might not be the same every day and may change, Customer should check *555# or MPT4U app every day to discover the latest Special Offer of the day (or) check *2006# every time before purchasing the pack.

4. Special Offers, even for the same Customer, might change, so Customer must keep checking by dialing *555# and *2006# or visiting MPT4U app or read SMS to make sure not to miss these Special Offers.

5.Special Offers on *555# and MPT4U app provide a set of Voice, HtawB and data packs with bonus data, extra validity or attractive bundled offers that Customer can enjoy every day, so Customer must keep discovering the Special Offers.

Special Offers on *2006# provide a set of Voice, data or SMS packs with bonus data, extra validity or attractive bundled offers that Customer can enjoy for a specific promotional period based on different Special Offers via *2006#.

6.Package price is inclusive of commercial tax.

7.Validity of a Special Offer is different for each product and will be mentioned in the description of the Special Offer on *555# or MPT4U App and *2006# or SMS Script

8.CDMA, Postpaid & Base Tariff users are NOT in scope.

9. Unless otherwise stated in the description of the special offer, users can purchase the packs multiple times, however bonus benefits and/or prize will be only one time per customer.

11.Unless otherwise stated in the description of the Special Offer, users are only entitled to claim the bonus benefits and/or prize from the Special Offer once for each Special Offer. In case Customer receives an additional benefit from the same Special Offer, MPT reserves the right to claim back such additional benefit.

12.In case of any wrong credit or extra credit or multiple credit of benefits to a Customer on account of any technical issue, MPT reserves the right to claim back the benefit per its discretion.


(Inclusive of 5% Tax)





Pack Validity






Direct USSD




Bonus Validity





30 Days





*777#*777*1#DC1 to 1332Subscribe for 350MB
949MMK600MB*777*2#DC2 to 1332Subscribe for 600MB
1,499MMK850MB1,500 MMK*778#*778*1#DC3 to 1332 


5 days






Subscribe for 850MB
2,999MMK1,700MB3,000MMK*778*2#DC4 to 1332Subscribe for 1700MB
4,999MMK2,900MB5,000MMK*778*3#DC5 to 1332Subscribe for 2900MB
9,999MMK5,800MB10,000MMK*778*4#DC6 to 1332Subscribe for 5800MB
19,999MMK12,000MB20,000MMK*778*5#DC7 to 1332Subscribe for 12000MB

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to subscribe?

Dial *555# (or) *2006# (or) visit MPT4U app and you will find data packs, voice packs and SMS packs as your special offers. You can select the menu and subscribe the offer.

2. What is the priority of special offer data balance?

The special offer data pack will be the first to consume than any other data packs.

3. How long is the validity?

Offer Validity changes product to product, Product validity will be as mentioned in the product description on *555# or MPT4U App and *2006#.

4. Can we carry over the unused amount over validity period?

Unused amount cannot be carried forward.