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“Super Lann” Campaign

Hello, welcome to MPT’s “Super Lann” campaign where you could find super excitement and  amazing different benefits!

If you are eager to join new promotions with innovative offers, you should not miss to join this kind of MPT’s special event!

MPT will be arranging a variety of promotions, lucky draws and different offers which would perfectly match your needs.

Let’s rock it together with your buddies!

You would always get excited about MPT!

Stay in touch with MPT to find out what kind of special promotions are available.

“အတူလက်တွဲအမြဲရှိမည် MPT”

May Special Offer to Get HtawB 5x Bonus Balance with MPT Points

May 5 times HtawB Promotion is brought back to you. Redeemed HtawB can be used for Internet usage, MPT to MPT Call , and SMS. This promotion period is from 15 May 2022 to 31 May 2022. MPT Club members can redeem HtawB bonus balance with MPT points through *345*3*1*4# or MPT4U App as following table.

Required PointsHtaw B (5 times) Bonus Balance
50 points200 kyats
99 points400 kyats
199 points800 kyats
299 points1300 kyats
399 points1750 kyats
799 points3600 kyats

We will be back with more exciting offers soon! Please wait for it..

Coming Soon!

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