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Enjoy cheapest data rate to communicate with beloved ones using the best network in Myanmar

Any-net calls – 27Ks/Min

Any-net SMS – 15Ks/SMS

Data – 7Ks/MB

Commands Table

Plan NameCostTo Subscribe
Shwe ZagarfreeDial *234*4#Dial *235*4#
Shal PyawfreeDial *234*3#Dial *235*3#
Swe ThaharfreeDial *234*2#Dial *235*2#

Terms & Conditions

  • Swe Thahar Price Plan prices as of 23rd November 2018 onwards.
  • Effective 6 January 2022, 15% Commercial Tax will apply on internet data, according to the amendment of the Union Tax Law 2021-22 declared by the State Administration Council.
  • The 5% commercial tax for Voice and SMS will not be changed and will continue to apply.
  • Local calls will be charged every 15 seconds.
  • MPT users can switch to other plans (Shwe Zagar & Shal Pyaw) plan once per calendar day.
  • Subscribing to Swe Thahar Plan is free of charge always.
  • By subscribing to a Swe Thahar Plan package, new and existing subscribing MPT user accept these terms and conditions as amended.
  • MPT General Terms and Conditions found at shall also apply to these terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the new rates for Swe Thahar Plan?

  • All customers who newly activate their MPT GSM/WCDMA SIM card will automatically be subscribed to the Swe Thahar plan @ new rates of:

– Voice : 27 Ks per minute to any numbers
– SMS : 15 Ks per SMS to any operator in Myanmar
– Data : 7 Ks per MB

  • Existing subscribers in Swe Thahar plan will enjoy the same rates.

2. I don’t want to be charged higher Data & Voice Rate. What should I do?

– For voice we suggest customer to dial *234*4# Prepaid or *235*4*# postpaid, to subscriber to Shwe Zagar plan, voice calls to other MPT numbers will be rated at 10 Ks/min, but PAYG internet rates will be priced at 8ks/MB in this plan.

– Also, MPT offer very affordable Data Pack. To enjoy them, dial *7777#.

– Also, MPT offer very affordable Voice Pack. To enjoy them, dial *600#.

– If you want to enlarge your balance, dial *500# (or) *700# (or) *5010# for our Htaw B programs, and multiply your balance 5 (or) 7 (or) 10 times.

3. How can I switch to other price plan?

– Users can switch to any price plan once in one calendar day.
– Subscribing is free of charge ALWAYS.
– Below is the detail subscription channels.

Plan NameCostTo Subscribe
Shwe ZagarFree*234*4#*235*4#
Shal PyawFree*234*3#*235*3#
Swe ThaharFree*234*2#*235*2#

4. I already have a Data packages & Voice packages while I am on Swe Thahar plan. What will happen if I switch to other plan?

Switching to other plan will not effect on your Data packages & Voice packages. When you switch the plans you can keep all your current packs and you can continue to use them.

5. How can I check which Price Plan I am using currently?

You can dial *224# or access through MPT4U app to check your current plan.