Taunggyi Business Center Boosted By MPT LTE+ Connectivity

15 Aug 2017

(Yangon, 15 August, 2017) The newly built Taunggyi Business Center (TBC), serving the increasingly significant commercial park of Taunggyi, Shan State is now boosted with better and faster voice and data network connectivity, including next-generation 4X4 MIMO-powered LTE+ mobile coverage, by Myanmar’s largest telecommunications services provider.

The business center is a fit-for-purpose designed complex situated conveniently near the main town and was created specifically to cater to the expanding business community in Shan State. MPT’s network improvements will give the enterprises and organizations based at the trading park a vastly enhanced service coverage, driving commercial activity in the area.

Thanks to the development of amenities and services around the TBC, firms that have established operations, or are considering doing so, will be able to experience a flexible yet convenient space in which to conduct their commercial activities. This is particularly welcome in a region that is renowned for its beauty, yet the geography which makes it such an attractive place presents both opportunities and challenges for telecommunications technology in terms of connectivity.

Speaking at the BTS launch activity being held by MPT in Taunggyi on Monday was Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer, MPT-KSGM Joint Operations who said, “MPT is committed to providing the best possible environment in which enterprises can flourish through the provision of improved connectivity with our LTE+ network at the Taunggyi Business Center, which is gaining popularity amongst businesses in the area. A good and reliable communications network is crucial to encouraging commercial opportunities and enhancing the operational environment for enterprises, especially in regional hubs such as this. By improving network coverage and with further telecommunications enhancements planned for the future, we aim to contribute to their overall economic growth.”

In addition to taking advantage of the new transport connections, hotel, and catering facilities that are also plugged into the site, MPT will be continuing to upgrade and build new network infrastructure at the TBC which will serve the region in the near future.