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Thet Taw Saunt - Personal Accident Insurance

Who can be insured

All MPT users can purchase THET TAW SAUNT Personal Accident Insurance on MPT platform.


From (1,250) MMK

Age limit

Eligible from age (16) to (60) years old.

Persons between ages from 16 to 18 years can be insured only through their parents or the guardian.

Policy Terms

Policy Terms are (3) months, (6) months, and (12) months.

The Benefits

Sum Insured amount will be paid as a lump sum to the beneficiary if the insured dies or insured get total permanent disability

The benefit will be paid based on the doctor’s recommendation if the insured get injury due to an accident

Details of personal accident insurance information can be view at

The Exclusion

 Benefits do not cover for injuries, permanent disability, death that related to the following conditions
Intentionally self – inflicted injury causing permanent disability, death
Death, permanent disability, injury due to intoxicating drugs
Permanent disability, death due to disease
Injury, Permanent disability and Death due to protest, War risk (declare or not), War-like terrorism, Strike, Riot and Civil commotion, Civil unrest, Military coup, Civil riot and its consequences
Death, permanent disability, injury due to crimes
Death, permanent disability, injury caused by other – inflicted injury or attempting to inflicted injury or related with.


Death Benefit-accidently only + TPD
500, 0001,000,0002,000,0003,000,0005,000,00010,000,000
3 months1,2502,5005,0007,50012,50025,000
6 months2,5005,00010,00015,00025,00050,000
12 months5,00010,00020,00030,00050,000100, 000

Coverage (Basic 1-Unit)

Coverage for Personal Accident includes death due to accident, permanent disability, injury, and hospitalization expense.

Sum Insured

Minimum MMK (500,000) up to maximum MMK (100) lakhs.

Waiting Period

Policy and coverage begin one calendar day after successful payment of premium.

Payment Terms

MPT 4U (Mobile Main Balance)

MPT Money (E-Wallet)

User Guide for Thet Taw Saunt Personal Accident Insurance

Contact for Thet Taw Saunt

For More Info dial
our hotline
09 777 100 555

*In every Monday to Friday*
(9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

THET TAW SAUNT offers special online support to explain personal accident insurance as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q: What documents are needed to insure?

Customer just needs to key in the correct information including NRC information.

2) Q: How long does it take to produce policy?

Ans: Normally, it takes about an hour if the documents are all set.

3) Q: How long is the policy term for personal accident insurance?

Ans: The policy term is (3) months, (6) months and (12) months.

4) Q: When does the coverage start?

Ans: Coverage starts after the premium payment by customers.

5) Q: How many times can be claimed within policy term? Is there any benefit for those who don't have a claim?

Ans: The claim amount can be different based on the insurance package and the insured can claim within the limited amount (Sum Insured).  The insurance policy will be cancelled automatically when the policy date is ended and there is no other benefit for those who don’t have a claim.

6) Q: Can personal accident insurance be renewal?

Ans:  Personal accident insurance cannot be renewal. If the insured want to renew, he/she must buy a new policy number.

7) Q: What are needed to change insured's name in personal accident insurance?

Ans: Cannot be able to change the name and endorsement in personal accident insurance.

8) Q: What are needed to cancel personal accident insurance policy?

Ans: There is no refund policy in personal accident insurance. Policy will be cancelled automatically if the insured is late to pay premium.

9) Q: What is the difference between having a personal accident insurance with MPT U-Life and personally at office?

Ans: There is no differences between them. AYA SOMPO Insurance give same services for all customers. Customers can receive extra benefit from MPT U-Life accordingly.