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About Andriod

1.What are the requirements to start using the Myanmar Unicode?

Only unicode font and unicode keyboard required.

2.How to install unicode font?

Can install with one of the following ways.

1. Go to Setting >> Display >> Font “Default”

2. In the Theme Style “Default Theme”

3. Go to Setting >> Language & Input, by changing English(US) or English(UK)

4. In the Setting >> Language & Input , Add language as “ဗမာ(Unicode)”, မြန်မာ(ယူနီကုဒ်)” or English(Myanmar[Burma])

5. For the phone which choose both English and Myanmar in the language setting, can use English (1) and Myanmar (2).

6. For the phones which are only Zawgyi included, may need Root Access.

3.What are the Keyboards for Myanmar Unicode standard?

Can use one of the following keyboards.

Build-in Keyboard – Some device support Myanmar unicode keyboard by default. Can choose from Setting >> Language and Input >> Keyboard

Gboard Keyboard – Google Keyboard. support Myanmar unicode standard.

Manic Keyboard – More than a Keyboard. Can read the Zawgyi texts by copying. Can also type with unicode and send as Zawgyi format.  (built in converter included in Keyboard)

ttKeyboard – Mon, Shan, Pa O’  characters are also supported

Bagan Keyboard –

Frozen Keyboard –

MUA Keyboard –

M Keyboard –

K Keyboard –

4.The texts in the facebook and messenger are not correctly displayed ?

Please update the applications.

From the “Edit Profile” please choose the hometown with one of the Myanmar’s city.

5.The texts in the SMS are not correct ?

Can use “Myan SMS” application or

by using Maniac Keyboard or

In the Messenger, Click SMS “ON”

6.Cannot read the texts in Viber?

Can read by using Manic Keyboard or  by using Converter.

7.Some webpage are not displayed Myanmar texts correctly?

Opera mini browser can view both Zawgyi and Unicode

8.How to convert the contacts,Media Files, Folders to unicode?

“mmUniToolkit” application can convert

9.Where can I download Keyboard?

You can download from Play Store.

10.Where can I download Font Apk?

You can download from Play Store.

11.You can download from Play Store?

Rabbit Converter,

Myanmar Font Converter,

 MM Font Converter,

Zawgyi Uni Converter.

About iOS

1.How to install unicode font in iOS?

If there is no font profile, it is Unicode. Therefore, need to remove the Zawgyi font profile.

Remove the font profile from the Setting >> General >> Profile

2.Can we install unicode Font Profile?

Install myFont application from the App Store and  choose a unicode font profile (Pyidaungsu, Myanmar3)

Can also install from ttKeyboard. ttKeyboard also include Myanmar Unicode fonts.

3.Which keyboard to be used for Unicode standard?

For unicode standard, ttKeyboard supports MyanSan.

If want to type like Zawgyi input, can choose Zawcode(Unicode).

4.Is there font converter to convert the texts?

Rabbit Converter

Pyaung Converter

MM Font Converter

PL Converter

5.Is there any font which can see both Zawgyi and Unicode?

Yes, ZawDecode font_supports 100%Unicode and 80%Zawgyi. Can install profile from myFont App.