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Value Added Services Info

About MPT’s Vaule Added Services & Information of Subscibe/Unsubscribe
No.Service Name DescriptionPrice/Frequency To SubscribeTo Unsubscribe
1Let’s PlayHTML 5 Web Based Games200 Ks/dayON to 8765GAME STOP to 8765
2Quest to MillionHTML 5 Web Based Games99 Ks/dayON to 8576OFF to 8576
3App BoxApplication Based Games250 Ks/dayON to 8980APP STOP to 8980
4VuclipWeb Based Unlimited Video Stores99 Ks/dayON to 8383OFF to 8383
5Myanmar SportsWeb Based Sports Portal150 Ks/dayON to 8633OFF to 8633
6m-LearningWeb Based English Language Learning158 Ks/dayON to 8282OFF to 8282
7Smart KidsWeb Based Education for Kids150 Ks/dayON to 8733OFF to 8733
8ComboxWeb Based All in one service such as Music, Games, etc.99 Ks/dayON to 8981OFF to 8981
9ApptouchApplication Based Games99 Ks/dayON to 8550OFF to 8550
10Guess itWeb & Application Based Quiz Games150 Ks/dayON to 8533OFF to 8533
11Ballone StarApplication Based Football Service105 Ks/dayON to 8118DD OFF to 8118
12Nay LaApplication Based Horoscope Service158 Ks/dayON to 8998DD OFF to 8998
13Thuta MyayWeb & Application Based Agriculture Service105 Ks/dayTTM to 8834STOPTTM to 8834
14GameloftApplication Based Games200 Ks/dayON to 8793STOP GAME to 8793
15Big9Web & Application Based Video Stores99 Ks/dayON to 8989OFF to 8989
16Health Tips & QuizWeb Based Health Quiz Service149 Ks/dayON to 8123OFF to 8123
17MyMTVWeb Based Music Video Service99 Ks/dayMTV to 8411UNMTV to 8411
18Digital InformationSMS Based Digital Information ServiceSMS Based Digital Information Service53 Ks/dayaDG to 8212
19Shwe StreamWeb Based Video Stores99 Ks/dayON to 8202OFF to 8202
20MaharApplication Based Video Stores99 Ks/dayvia applicationMAHAROFF to 8686
21MPT Ring TuneCaller Ring Back Tone1050 Ks/month,
47 Ks/day
REGD (or) REGM to 7979UNR to 7979

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MPT Name Tune

Activate your name as your tune.

Call Me Back

Out of credit? Use “Call Me Back” to let your friends or family know you’d like to get in touch.

Conference Call

Conference Call can support calling up to 6 numbers (including initiator) within one call.

Missed Call Alert

Receive an SMS notification of missed calls.

Balance Transfer

Send or receive balance when in need of that extra bit of credit.

Voice Mail Services

Let your callers leave a voice message when you’re not available.


Use the USSD menu to conveniently access MPT’s services in one place.

Call Waiting

Accept some urgent calls even while you are engaged on the line.

MPT Ring Tune

Replace the standard ring back tone with your choice of music tune or melody.

Call Forwarding

If you’re unavailable to talk, forward your calls to another number.

Gifting Service (Poh B)

Gift MPT products to your loved ones.

Yu Htar+ Service

MPT’s “Yu Htar+”, a Loan Balance service