SMS Donation

SMS Donation

How long will the SMS donation stay open for?

The SMS donation will open from 0:00 hr on 9 September 2016 until 23:95:59, 31 October 2016.

How can people find out how much has been collected?

MPT will release a report in regular basis during the period and will make statement at the close of the donation drive detailing how much has been collected and where the money has been distributed.

Can people donate more than 500 Kyats?

The SMS single donation is a fixed 500 Kyats. However there is no limit to how many times you can donate, so long as there is credit balance on your SIM card.

Can postpaid contract users donate too?

Only prepaid customers can donate at this time via SMS.

In what purposes to be used for the funds received by this scheme?

MPT is intending that this assistance if for any pagodas, stupas and heritage buildings damaged in the earthquake.

How will the money collected be distributed?

All aid received from this SMS drive will be openly donated on behalf of MPT’s users to relevant Myanmar government organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), helping to fund heritage reconstruction efforts across the regions that were damaged.

Will the money be donated all at once or on a regular basis?

We will make announcement on the final collected amount by the end of the October transparently. And will make regular report to public in order to understanding how many we have collected during the course of nearly two month. The funds will then donated to Myanmar government organisations and non-governmental organisations accountably.

If I type wrongly 1000 or other amount for the SMS donation, will it be deducted more than the stated amount of 500 kyats from my credit?

No. Every single SMS donation will cost only the stated amount 500 kyat.

Why only earthquake?

MPT believes that the protection and future proofing of historical heritage buildings are extremely important to the people of Myanmar – MPT has listened to its customers’ feedback via Facebook and call centres, which is why we have opened SMS donations for the earthquake rebuilding process.