Win Exciting Prizes While Testing Your Health Knowledge With MPT ‘Health Tips & Quiz’

27 Sep 2018

(Yangon, 27th September 2018) MPT today announced its new ‘Health Tips & Quiz’ subscription-based SMS service, in collaboration with our Content Provider, Trust Oo Co., Ltd.(7887 Healthcare Call Center) which aims to improve mobile users’ knowledge regarding their health as prevention is better than cure. Available at a low rate of just 149 Ks/day for MPT subscribers, the value added service (VAS) delivers important wellness information through an educational step-by-step approach while offering the exciting chance to win amazing prizes such as mobile devices, medical tourism packages, health insurance, golden bracelet and more by participating in quizzes designed to test and improve their healthcare knowledge.

To start receiving a wide variety of healthcare information ranging from food, beauty and healthy lifestyle to reproductive health, and to take part in the quizzes, MPT subscribers need to send SMS “ON” to 8123. Users will then automatically get a free week immediately and receive seven free health tip and quiz packages (one package per day). After the free week is over, they will be charged at a low rate of 149 Ks/package (one tip + five questions) and will continue to receive a daily health tip and quiz package. The reply SMS of the Subscribers to the health quizzes will be free of charge. To buy additional health tip and quiz packages, the participants will be charged at the rate of 149 Ks/package, upon the users’ request.

Prizes by Points*

Reward Total Number of Prizes Prizes by Points
Weekly Reward 10 Health Watch
Monthly Reward 2 iPhone X
Grand Prize 1 Medical Tourism – Bangkok

*Quiz terms and conditions apply. For more information, please visit contest http://ht.dev.lotayamm.com/.

Prizes by Lucky Draw*

Reward Total Number of Prizes Prizes by Lucky Draw
Weekly Reward 10 Samsung Tab J
Monthly Reward 2 Yearly Family Health Insurance
Grand Prize 1 Golden Bracelet

*Quiz terms and conditions apply. For more information, please visit contest http://ht.dev.lotayamm.com/.

The first phase of the ‘Health Tips & Quiz’ contest period will run for three months from 27th September to 26th December 2018. Within this period, MPT subscribers can receive weekly, monthly and grand prizes for either having the highest scores from answering questions or by winning lucky draws while discovering more facts on how to live a healthier life. Every package carries 50 points whenever the subscriber receives it with each correct answer awarding 20 points while a wrong answer still gives 10 points for an attempt. For the winners’ selection based on points, the participant with the best/highest score during the respective time will be chosen and to be in the randomly running for the lucky draws, each 10 points accrued will represent one entry. The best part of this is that a single Subscriber is entitled to win the Rewards for both Point Contest and Lucky Draw Program at the same time.

“Living a healthy lifestyle greatly elevates our wellbeing, productivity and overall positive mood. An important first step is to acquire the right information and through our new health-focused SMS service, MPT customers can receive helpful tips conveniently on their mobile devices. With the aim to drive health awareness among users, MPT is excited to be offering rewards for those who actively participate in improving their own knowledge, with amazing prizes to be won every week and month!” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Offer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

For more information on MPT’s ‘Health Tips and Quiz’ and other services, please visit the operator’s official website at www.mpt.com.mm or Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mptofficialpage. Further details on the quiz and winning prizes terms and conditions are available at http://ht.dev.lotayamm.com/.