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MPT Club Welcome Points 10 times Promotion (500 Points!)

MPT Club is giving big bonus points to all MPT user if you would register MPT Club now. After getting MPT Point which can redeem to MPT mobile services and partner services by using MPT4U application. So don’t miss this chance!

MPT Point redemption process in MPT4U

Terms & Conditions

  1. Applicable for All MPT Club users who registered in the promotion period.
  2. Please register MPT Club through the MPT 4U application (or) Lotaya. Please input gender and correct birthday information. (Please do not input default birthday information as “1st Jan 1900”)
  3. MPT users who registered in the promotion period will get 50 points as soon as they registered and 450 points will be granted in the next day.
  4. Promotion period will be 7th May 2020 to 30th June 2020.
  5. If for any reason, MPT has the right to withdraw or change this promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who are eligible customers for this promotion?

All MPT phone user are eligible for this promotion.

2. How to participate this campaign?

Customer can get bonus points via registration only 2 channels (1)MPT 4 U by tapping MPT Club icon or (2)  mentioned link ( from Lotaya. And clear input gender and date of birth. (Eg, for Choosing gender: M for Male and F for Female / for entering date of birth format: DD/MM/YYYY as example : 03/12/1997 , please input your accurate date of birth as a example format)

3.What is the promotional benefit that a customer would receive? How can customer do to get point?

As a promotional benefit, a customer will get 500 points in total. They will get 50 points as soon as they registered, and 450 points will be given in the next day.

4.When is the promotion period?

Start from 7th May to 30th June.

5.When will I receive this additional 450 points?

You registered MPT Club today and as soon as you registered you will get 50 points then additional 450 points will be granted in the next day.

6.How do I know receiving additional points for next day?

You will receive SMS notification when you received additional points.

7.What I can do with 500 points?

You can redeem all the MPT mobile service packages, Voice, Data, SMS packages and also you can redeem with MPT’s partners Items.

For more details, please go to

8.Is there any expired date for receiving points?

Yes, The receiving points valid until 1year.

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