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Own Shop Lists

Now you can change (swap) your current SIM card to 4G SIM card free at one of the below MPT Shops.
Please bring your current SIM card and do not forget MPT Branded Shop’s business hours which is from 9:30 am to 4:30pm.

Shop NameTypeAddress
SuleOwn shopCorner of BOSYUNPAT street and Maharbandula street, Near SULAY Pagoda



Own shopCorner of Mahabandula Rd and Pansodan street,Kyauktada
General Post OfficeOwn shopCorner of Stand road and Bo Aung Kyaw street,Kyauktada
AhloneOwn shop839/841, Bogyoke Street, LanMaTaw Township
Shwe gone DineOwn shopNo(74), East Shwe Gon Taing Street, Bahan Township
40 streetOwn shopNo(103), 40 th Street,Kyaut Ta Da Township
TingungyunOwn shopCorner of ThuMinGalar Street and ThuMaNa Street, ThinGanGyun TRA
TarmweOwn shopNo.101,BanyarDala Road,Bocho 2 Quarter,Tarmwe Post Office
HlaingOwn shopNo.5,9 Block, Hlaing Township,Yangon-Insein Road,Hlaing Post Office
InseinOwn shopNo.2,Hlaing River Road,Beside Insein Bridge,Beside,Innsein Post Office
MayangoneOwn shopMayangone Post Office Compound,Near 8 miles Park,Kabaraye Pagoda Road
Shop NameTypeAddress
MandalalyOwn shop(25) Street, Between (80 & 81), Aungmyaytarzan, Mandalay
PyinoolwinOwn shopCorner of telegraph street & MDY-LSO street, infront of Myanmar Economic Bank,No(5) quarter
MeikhtilarOwn shopMeikthila Post Office, side of YGN-MDY street, MyoMa (4) quarter,meikthla
NyaungOoOwn shopNo(4) quarter, Thiri pyitsayar quarter, side of Anawyahtar ,Nyaung Oo
MyingyanOwn shopMyingyan Exchange compound, (3) Street,No (2) quarter,Myinchan
MoegokeOwn shopMogoke Exchange, Bo Kone Quarter, Mogoke,086-20111
Shop NameTypeAddress
SittweOwn shopRUPA Post office, RUPA North Quarter, Sittwe
MaungdawOwn shopMaung daw Exchange, No(1) quarter, Corner of Post Office Street and PhaySi Village street
ThandweOwn shopThandwe Exchange ,Bogyoke Street , No(2) quarter.
KyaukphyuOwn shopNo (12), Yonetat Road, Alay Pine Qtr, Kyaukphyu Township
Shop NameTypeAddress
Kyeng TongOwn shopCorner of Airport street and Zay Su street, In side of Post Office, No(3) quarter.Kyeng Tong
Mone HsatOwn shopMone Hsat Auto Exchange Compound, Pyi Htaung Su Street, Mel Swan Myauk Quarter, Near Mone Hsat Market.
TachileikOwn shop Tachileik Exchange, Rose Street, Wan Kaung Quarter, Tachielik
Shop NameTypeAddress
TaunggyiOwn shopInside of state manager office,MPT Bogyoke street, tittaw quarter,taungyi
Nyaung ShweOwn shopNyaung Shwe Auto Exchange, PyaTeik Street, Nanda Won Quarter, Nyaung Shwe 081-20333
AyetharyarOwn shopAyeTharYar Auto Exchange, big quarter (48), No(5) quarter, 081-20511
NamSamOwn shopBeside of Nansam Moenae Street, No(5) Quarter,
Shop NameTypeAddress
LashioOwn shopState Manager Office, TharThaNar 2500 Pagoda Street, NO(1) Quarter, Lashio
MuseOwn shopMuse old exchange office, Ho Mon Quarter, Pyidaungsu Street, Muse
Shop NameTypeAddress
KyaikhtoOwn shopKyaikhto exchange, bogyoke street, taungthu shu quarter, 057-60111
MudonOwn shopMudon Auto Exchange ,Kyon Phite Village street, 057-70111/057-70222
ThanphyuzayetOwn shopThanphyuzayat old exchange, Aung Khutho quarter, BonayWin street,057-79000
MawlamyineOwn shopState Manager Office, MPT, Thitkalkone quarter, Mawlamyaine
Shop NameTypeAddress
MonywaOwn shopMonywa Post Office compound,(Monywa MPT Division manager office,OLD Office),Yone Gyi Street, Yone Gyi quarter,monywa
HteechinkOwn shopNo(2) ,AungZayYar Quarter, Bogyoke Street, ,Htichink Auto Exchange
Yae OoOwn shopYae Oo Auto Exchange, Aungchanthar Quarter,
SagaingOwn shopNo 244,Zay road, Pabedan Ward ,area (5) Near KBZ Bank & Myo Ma Market, Sagaing Township
Shop NameTypeAddress
BagoOwn shopYgn-Mdy Street, near NaryiSin , MPT DIVISION MANAGER OFFICE
PyayOwn shopYGN-PYI street, Sin su Carrier office compound.RSU 3.
Min HlaOwn shopNO(7) Quarter, BOYONTANE Street, Minhla auto exchange
LatpandanOwn shopNO(2) Street, Min Quarter, Latpandan Auto Exchange
PaukhongOwn shopPyay Taungoo Street, number (5) quarter, Paukhoung
Shop NameTypeAddress
MagweOwn shopCorner of BEHS(1) Street & Hospital Street,near (5) junction, SOE KAW MIN Quarter, Magwe State Manager Office ,MPT
TaungtwingyiOwn shopYone Gyi Street, Taung Pyin (2) Quarter, Taungdwingyi Exchange,
ChaukOwn shopChauk Post Office, NO(10) Nal Myay, Kyout thit east quarter,Chauk
PakokuOwn shopPakoku Exchange, MyoMa Street, NO(1) Quarter, Pakoku
Shop NameTypeAddress
PatheinOwn shopDivision Manager office,MPT, Maharbandula street, Ayarwaday Division, Pathein ,042-250000
HinthadaOwn shopHinthada Auto Exchange, Bogyoke Street , Hinthada
ZalunOwn shopZalun Auto Exchange, Ahdar street,Zalun
BokalayOwn shopBokalay Auto exchange, Bokalay Street, No(4) quarter, Shwe Tha S
PyarponOwn shopPyarPon Auto Exchange, NO(5) Street, (12) quarter
Shop NameTypeAddress
DaweiOwn shopDivision Manager Office, Myanamr Post and Telecommunication, Dawei
MyeikOwn shopEngineer incharge(Admin/Cormercial) Commercial Dept, Pearl Street, Beside of No(3)B.E.H.S,Zaytane  Quarter,Myeik
KawthaungOwn shopEnginer Incharge(Auto Exchange),MPT, Supaung Yone Street,
Padauk Shwe Wah Quarter,Kawthaung
PalawOwn shopIncharge(Admin/Commercial), Palay Highway Road, Palaw Post Office
Shop NameTypeAddress
Hpa-anOwn shopHpaan Post office compound, PadonMar Street , No(1) quarter
KawkareikOwn shopPanchan street, NO(3) Quarter, kawkareik Auto Exchange
MyawaddyOwn shopMyawady Post Office,(Admin/Commercial)MPT,U Aung Zay Ya Street ,No(5) Quarter.
KyarinnseikgyiOwn shopKyarInn Seik Gyi Post office, Bogyoke Street, NO (5) Quarter,
Hlaing BweOwn shopNo (87) , Merchant Road , Block (D), Hlaing Bwe Township.
Shop NameTypeAddress
LoikawOwn shopCorner of U Thiri Street & (5) Street, DawHuKhu Quarter, Loikaw Exchange, Loikaw
Shop NameTypeAddress
HakhaOwn shopMPT State Manager Office, Zay(1) Quarter, MaTuPi Street, 070-21101, 21449
Shop NameTypeAddress
MyitkyinaOwn shopMyitkyina MPT mobile,In front of Tit Taw Office, Corner of SAMA street and Zaw Gyun Street, Ayar Quarter.Myitkyina
TanineOwn shopKin  Sar Yar Quarter,Tanai Exchange, beside of LEDO Highway street,074-46111
PharkantOwn shopHmaw Hwan Quarter, Near Myo Ma Police Station, Phakant exchange,074-70111